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Stratus360 has partnered with Key West Video for two corporate videos. As a company specializing in CRM strategy, Stratus360 works with a variety of clients. To communicate their effective approach, Key West Video used a client testimonial to showcase a successful implementation.

Stratus360 Client – CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Stratus360 worked with employees at Cadillac Fairview (CF) on CF Connect. Using a well-known and easily recognizable client makes an immediate impact on the target market. If another business is looking for a way to improve client services, this video speaks directly to their concerns and it endorses the services of Stratus360.

Interviewing a cross-section of CF employees shows the breadth of impact achieved by the Stratus360 team. Clips from top management involved in the project give the testimonials clout. Interviewing people who use CF Connect daily illustrates the practical applications of the tool.

Visually Engaging

Once again, using a recognizable client works—this time to keep the video visually engaging. CF Toronto Eaton Centre is a well-known mall, providing numerous locations for great shots. From the iconic glass elevators to the mezzanine structure, this building was a stunning backdrop for interviews and b-roll throughout the video.

Time-lapse is a technique used to reinforce the volume of business handled by the client. In the first instance, the rush of the mall crowd is amplified with time-lapse. It’s a visual way to illustrate that Cadillac Fairview has a lot of clients to satisfy. Time-lapse is also used to show city traffic, further demonstrating that this is a busy client in a busy mall in a busy city.

Plain Language

In this short client testimonial, it would be difficult to explain the specifics of the programs executed by Stratus360. However, it’s easy to cite examples of how the CRM strategy is valuable. After some introductory lauding of the partnership, a handful of testimonials highlight how Stratus360 has improved work for the client.

Jessica Magdy, a supervisor at the National Service Centre, speaks to how her team has been empowered by CF Connect. She talks about the product giving employees confidence when relating to clients. Front-line workers know they have the tools to enable peak performance.

Arv Gupta, a Senior VP, discusses the goal of providing a consistent client experience across all properties. He also addresses how analytics help CF troubleshoot and improve overall business.

Finally, Steve Lewkowitz of Stratus360 talks about his company. He clearly defines what Stratus360 does: provide CRM strategy with technical support and third-party tools. They tailor business plans to each client.


Customer testimonials are a great way to let the customer promote your business or product. If you have a client with nice things to say, we can give them a platform. Call us today for a quote.

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