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Casting is an element of corporate video production that a lot of people don’t consider. You may assume the CEO will be the one to talk about your business or that Amanda in shipping can do the demo. Often, the CEO does appear on-camera and an employee will participate in the video. However, there are also times when the best choice is to use an actor.

Do I Need Casting?

Actors know how to project energy on set

To be totally honest, being on camera demands a lot of energy. What comes off as quietly interested and engaged in person looks bored in front of a camera. Actors are referred to as “talent” for a reason. It takes work to emote in a way that cuts through on video. Hiring a professional is one way to make sure you’ll get a good performance.

Sometimes nobody in the company wants to appear on camera. That’s fine. If you prefer to remain behind the scenes, you can let someone else represent your business or product in a video. You can still give direction on how to act and what to say without stepping in front of the camera.

Casting is a good option for appealing to your target market. If you’re trying to attract the attention of a specific demographic, cast them in a video. When the audience see themselves represented, they can relate to your product or service. Hey, I’m a young man who also uses my cell phone at the gym! I could really use those workout headphones.

Cast for specific characters

Finally, are you looking for a character or pitch person? If you need a clown to sell your birthday balloon bouquets, casting is the best option. In a case like this, you’re looking to build a campaign around an image so it’s important to pick the right one.

The Casting Process

At Key West Video, we take care of casting for our clients. We work with an agency or an online service to find the perfect fit for your video. Then we present the client with options based on their preferences. We’ve found this is the most efficient way for the client to enjoy all the benefits of casting with less of the hassle. Did you know that ACTRA performers have to follow certain rules? That’s just one of the things we take into account when casting for a client.

For Your Consideration

When it comes to casting, consider who you want to represent your business. Who is your ideal customer? If you want the viewer to relate to your product or service, cast your target market. Be as specific as possible by designating age, gender, ability, and any other physical attributes you’d like to dictate. Really think about what you see when you envision your product represented.

Once you’ve chosen suitable actors, you can be specific about shoot day. Let them know what you want them to wear if you’re not providing wardrobe. Will the shoot be outside, in a studio, or on location? How long is the shoot expected to take? Certain actors, think children and animals, can be harder to work with and have less stamina.

More Than On-Camera Talent

On-camera talent isn’t the only kind of casting. About half of our projects use voice-over actors. This person provides the narration for a video. When we ask a client about the kind of voice they’d like used, we ask about gender, age, and overall delivery. Then we send some voice demos and the client gives us feedback on who they like. We can also have a candidate do a sample read if required. One of our clients wanted a child to read the narration for their toy drive campaign. We think this young actor’s voice lent a special touch to the video. Here’s a snippet.

We Got This

We’ve cast for everything from music videos to mental health assessment modules. Whatever the focus of your project, we’re confident that we can help you find suitable talent. It’s just part of our overall video production service. Call Key West Video today for a free quote on your next video.

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