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Finding the perfect fit for any role is what the Casting Director does. It takes a lot of patience, concentration and open-mindedness. Sometimes we know exactly what we want, but other times the actors show us what we want is not what we actually want, just what we thought we want and we don’t even know what we want… want me to continue?

Casting: the long haul
Casting: the long haul

When casting an actor for a role, it’s best to start off with what we in the industry call a “Casting Call”. A #CastingCall is a call for actors with a list of qualifications they should meet before submitting themselves to the #Audition process. It could be physical qualities, such as gender, height, hair/eye color or based on a skill, such as language, dialect or dance experience. If the casting director is open to several types, they may only give gender and a broad age range. Then, it’s up to the actor to decide if they meet your needs for that specific role. They contact you and viola, the audition slots begin to fill.
Casting calls are not limited to humans. #Toto had to audition just like the rest of us.

The #CastingDirector will lead this process, often aided by a team of #CastingAssociates. In this case, they are G-d. They hold the key to stardom and/or a paycheck in their hands. Either way, its up to them. This could take a few hours, or even a few days. It will take as long as it takes for you to find “your Scarlett”, or until you have no choice but to commence with #Filming.

“No one invited you to this business. You invited yourself.”
―#EddieFoy, American actor, comedian and vaudevillian.

If you are an actor going through this process, just remember, it’s YOU as the character that you are selling, so just go in their with your head held high, your feet firmly on the ground and show them the best part of you. If you are the Casting Director… one word: #Coffee.

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