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Should You Consider Celebrities For Your Corporate Video Advertisement?

If you’re a Fortune 500 looking for ideas for a new video ad campaign, you might feel like you’ve exhausted your creative options. But never fear, for celebrities are always near.

What’s that you say? Celebrities? Isn’t that selling out?

Well, no. Not exactly.

Recently, Apple Music promoted Drake, Frank Ocean and Taylor Swift’s music in a single video ad commercial for the American Music Awards (AMAs). With comedic elements such as Drake working out (we know, we know) and dancing animatedly to “Bad Blood”, he’s probably the last person you’d think would break out in dance to T-Swift.

Should You Consider Celebrities For Your Corporate Video Advertisement?
Photo credit: musicisentropy via / CC BY-SA

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

But, of course, this isn’t the first time that Apple – or any large conglomerate, for that matter – has made use of the celebrities attached to its brand.

After all, who could ever forget Proactiv commercials? From Katy Perry to Jessica Simpson to Queen Bey herself, a wide range of celebrities showed their “before and after” skin photos, showcasing how the product had helped clear up their skin.

Brands use simple consumer psychology when placing certain celebrities in their video campaigns and commercials. It’s not as simple as throwing out popular faces in hopes that audiences and potential customers will gravitate toward their product or service. It’s also not as simple as arbitrarily attaching a celeb’s face to a product that doesn’t seem plausible or likely for her/him to use. It goes much deeper than that; celebrities must add a sense of credibility to a brand. Depending on the celebrities’ cultural relevance (at the time) and mass appeal, dishing out the cash for a multi-million dollar campaign just might be worth it if the product aligns with who the celebrity is.

Celebrities are also an immense help in brand awareness and brand positioning. Depending on the demographic of that celeb, companies with a targeted audience might feel inclined to reach their intended demographic through that celeb.

One awesome example of this was Subway’s choice to use a freestyle rap music video for its breakfast menu by a viral YouTuber on AMC’s ‘The Pitch‘.

Celebrities also wield the power to breathe the breath of life into dying brands by attracting a new demographic altogether.

We, as audience members and consumers, are so easily persuaded that even popular YouTubers and Instagrammers with a high enough following are paid to be placed in video ad campaigns, music videos, and/or commercials.

The idea of celebs in video ad campaigns is one that speaks to and reflects our culture. Based on the use of popular icons of our time, it’s clear that celebratory status and being in the public eye are sometimes more important than the content, product, service, and sometimes even brand, itself.

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