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Centennial College video

The Key West Video team created a series of six Orientation Commercial Breaks to run during a meeting for new students at Centennial College.

For this case study, we’ll use the Student Relations video as an example of the series. The video starts with an animated intro used for all six breaks. It clearly identifies the college and then states the title of the break. After seeing the intro the first time, the students knew what to expect: a short video with school information. The same music was also used for each break, further reinforcing the continuity of the series.

The video featured a single speaker and two angles of the same shot. This kept the concept simple for a piece that ran only 46 seconds. The wide shot focused on a chair and subject placed in the middle of the room, allowing good depth of field and helping to avoid a two-dimensional look. The tighter shot gave the editor an option when it was necessary to make a cut without using b-roll. Working with two shots gave the piece increased visual interest over sitting on a single fixed shot.

Graphics were used in two ways during the video. First, to introduce the speaker. Second, a number of pop-up facts appear during the break. These messages didn’t mirror what the speaker was saying, but instead supported the material and gave extra information. The blurbs were short enough to read quickly and add to the viewer’s experience, but not so long they distracted from the message. The graphic font, layout and colours used were consistent throughout the series and mirrored the college’s branding.

Creating a Video Series for Centennial College

Key West Video has worked with Centennial College on a number of videos used on a variety of platforms. When we work on a series, we establish a look and format that can be maintained for consistency and ease of use. This approach means the client can approve the first version and know what to expect moving forward. For us, it means we can create a number of videos in rapid succession, using the same template. The viewer can relate to a familiar look and feel that represents the series. Everybody wins!

Whether you’re interested in a single video or a string of videos, Key West Video can help you spread your message. Call us today for a quote.

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