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Why A Change In Your Corporate Video Strategy Is Necessary

Change is always good.

And sometimes, change is necessary.

Maybe you’ve been using the same newsletters for a decade now. Or perhaps your company hasn’t changed its jingle for 40 years. Whatever the case may be, your company could probably use one thing: change.

Yep, that’s right. A good ol’ fashioned shake-up.

Chances are your customers, though as loyal as they seem, are bored with you. They might enjoy the consistency of your product or service, but they might loathe the way you market yourself. Maybe your video campaign is outdated. Maybe your uniform hasn’t changed in years. It could even be that the people in your videos all look the same.

We understand that that’s also part of the reason why your audience is drawn to you. Consistency is key, and you’ve been very consistent over the years. But now you want to expand and reach different audiences, and the idea of that haunts you.


Because you’ve never had to change your brand before. At least not visually (and certainly not through video). Now, you want to expand your options and explore the horizons. And you realize that, in order to stay relevant, you’ve got to do it fast.

Cue corporate video strategies.

Why A Change In Your Corporate Video Strategy Is Necessary
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Perhaps you’re a company that does one video per year. In it, you reiterate the same things: what you sell, why it’s a good product, a bit of your mission statement, and an obligatory clip of someone consuming your product or acting out your service.

What about making some adjustments? These not only can include changes to the frequency of films; it can even explore some of the faces either in front or behind the camera. People crave personal connection to brands, and this is a great way to humanize your company.

Can you think of other ways to spark a change in your corporate video? Comment or tweet us!

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