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Partnering with a subject matter expert can be a marketing stroke of genius. We’re working with client Chartwell on a video series and they’ve chosen to align with personal finance educator Kelley Keehn. That means Chartwell and Keehn are teaming up to answer questions and guide customers through the financial aspects of choosing a retirement residence. On today’s blog, we’ll take a look at how a financial SME is helping a successful Canadian company connect with viewers.

Partnering with an SME

Kelley Keehn is no stranger to Key West Video. We worked with Keehn on a round table discussion about women and money. For this project, Chartwell is using Keehn as a recognizable and successful figure who can speak about finances as they relate to retirement living. Keehn has the knowledge and confidence to address the issues of the target market and she’s accustomed to being in the spotlight.

Chartwell Gets a Boost with SME Partnership

The idea of introducing someone unrelated to a company as part of a business plan isn’t new. Whether we’re talking about an influencer, an endorsement, or an SME, it’s become common practice. Choosing to work with someone who has expertise related to your field can reflect really well on your business. Here are some of the benefits Chartwell is getting from working with an SME:

  • Gives clients confidence in the business
  • Acts as a personal recommendation from an expert
  • The SME can be a bridge to their followers, introducing new business
  • Addresses the financial concerns of clients
  • An SME who is trained to be on-camera makes the viewer comfortable by speaking with confidence and authority
  • Shows Chartwell is making an effort to connect with the audience and address common questions

Chartwell Series has a Wide Reach

Kelly Keehn video for Chartwell
A still from one of the French videos

The Chartwell video series is still in production but will eventually consist of 14 videos, divided into four financially-related sections. Each video is kept brief at about 90 seconds. The four topics covered by Keehn are planning, affordability, financial myths, and family & money. In each, she’s speaking to the retiree or the caregiver—likely a family member—who will be making the decision about a retirement residence. Kelly speaks directly to the camera and the Key West Video team also shot b-roll at some Chartwell residences to support the series.

Expert Advice

With 187 retirement properties across Canada and the US, Chartwell has a large customer base.  Video is a great way to reach people in every location. Final versions of the series will be produced in both French and English, making the information even more accessible. If you think your business could benefit from some expert advice, call us today and we can discuss how best to connect with customers.

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