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Collision Conference 2019 Toronto

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As a video production company, we’re interested in the tech field. Many of our clients work in this industry and the equipment we use to produce videos is affected by advancements in the area. Toronto is becoming known as a hotbed for start-ups and tech development, one of the reasons why it was chosen to host Collision Conference 2019 last week. It’s proof that Toronto is the place to be for tech. We take a look at the conference and some of its highlights on today’s blog.

Big Crowds, Big Names

The Collision Conference claims to be “North America’s fastest-growing tech conference”. This year, it brought 25,000 attendees together at the Enercare Centre to buy, sell, talk, eat, breathe, and live technology. After four years in the US, the conference came north with more than 700 speakers and people from 125 countries. The four-day event chose The 6 thanks to a booming reputation in the field of technology.

The Collision Conference had an impressive line-up of speakers. After all, if you’re going to call yourself North America’s fastest-growing tech conference, you need the firepower to back it up. Established tech companies were represented, including Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes and GE CMO Linda Boff. The entertainment industry was on hand in the form of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jessie Reyez, and Seth Rogan. Canadian politicians were also supporting the conference. Toronto mayor John Tory was on stage and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the first keynote speaker at the event’s launch.

Artificial Intelligence Looks to the Future

While not everyone is cheering for tech success in Ontario, the attendees were there to support AI. TalkRobot brought together AI, robotics, and hardware experts at the Collision Conference. Speakers and workshops explored the future of advanced machinery and how it will influence our world. Topics covered social robots and ethics, consumer robotics and something close to our hearts: drones. With drones being used for everything from recreation to medical deliveries, airspace is getting crowded. The conference had speakers who addressed how we’ll maintain safety as drone use evolves.

Healthcare Takes Centre Stage at the Collision Conference

The HealthConf segment of the Collision Conference focused on healthcare as it relates to the tech industry. Braintech covered neuroscience and how technology is facilitating treatments for mental illness and brain injuries. Disease and chronic illness were discussed, as was nutrition. On a personal level, wearable technology continues to be a hot topic. The gathering of personal data not only helps individuals lead a healthier lifestyle but compiling that data can indicate trends and fuel studies. All this could lead to the next wave of medical treatments and enable better communication between a patient and their doctor. On the flip side is the challenge to keep medical information confidential in a digital age.

Women in Tech

The Collision Conference made a conscious decision to include more women in its platform in 2016. The Women in Tech initiative had a goal of balancing the gender ratio and ahead of this year’s event, it was reported that 45.7% of attendees were projected to be female. In fact, women in Tech tickets sold out at this year’s event. Let’s hear it for the ladies! This news report from the conference is a testament to how women are gaining ground in the tech industry.

Content is Still King

As we’ve all heard, content is king. The Collision Conference gave content its royal due with ContentMakers, examining what people are consuming online. There were four curated streams dedicated to content: tv & film, news, gaming, and storytelling. At Key West Video, we know how important it is that content tells a good story. With so many pieces of content vying for attention—podcasts, videos, social media, photos—good storytelling cuts through the noise to grab attention and compel shares.

More Collision Conference to Come

Toronto has the Collision Conference locked in for the next three years. That means the city can continue to build our reputation as technology leaders in North America. It also means you have plenty of time to plan for the 2020 conference. See you next year???

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