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How Colour Palettes Can Augment Your Corporate Video

One of the most important things you can do when conceptualizing your corporate video is deciding on colour palettes.

By palettes, we don’t mean just primary, secondary, and complementary colours. We mean the entire spectrum.

Deciding on a colour palette will help determine the mood of your corporate video. Soft, sheer, translucent colours translate differently on camera than hard colours do.

Are you a cutting-edge technology company? Or home hardware? Depending on your creative team, it might be worth mapping out your colour schemes beforehand. Though this isn’t always necessary (as most corporate videos end up reflecting their brand naturally), it is helpful for companies looking for a bit more creative or artistic expression.

Colour palettes add an extra dimension to video. In film, they augment the cinematography by enhancing the storyline. Stories can be told in a multitude of ways – from visuals to sound to props.  Brands can benefit by using these film cinematic practices in their corporate videos.

How Colour Palettes Can Augment Your Corporate Video
Photo credit: barry quinn via / CC BY-NC

When it comes to corporate production, clients aren’t often particular about colour palette. This is mostly because clients are in search of a standard video as opposed to a creative body of work. We at Key West Video work with a variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies to smaller-budget music videos. For clients with more artistic freedom, it’s worth deciphering a few things: what is the overall message of your video? What is the tone? And most importantly, how do you want people to feel?

Colours play a significant role in placing a character in a film. Likewise, they influence the way a viewer interprets and downloads information and visuals. Colours have the power to stimulate and soothe our senses, and can be used for different things. If we want your viewers to be (over)stimulated, you can consider stronger, brighter colours to create a sensory experience. If your brand has a more cool, clean, and chic aesthetic, it might be worth going for more cool or metallic colours such as blue or silver.

Here at Key West Video we work with all of our clients to create the best corporate video possible. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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