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Why This Body-Positive TV Commercial Was Rejected

A simple YouTube search will easily give you a long list of banned TV commercials – and usually for a good reason.

But Lane Bryant‘s latest 30-second TV commercial  sparked controversy a few days ago when it was deemed by networks ABC and NBC as “too risqué” to air.

In less than a minute, Lane Bryant featured a multitude of plus-sized models wearing little to no clothing. The motto?

Well, their motto embodied (for lack of a better word) their campaign, ‘This Body’.

Throughout the commercial, the models can be seen lying down, standing up, showing off their midsections, stretching in a pair of jeans, and at one point (and probably the main point of criticism) nursing a baby.

Sports Illustrated‘s Ashley Graham is also featured in the 30-second spot.

In a statement, NBC concluded that the commercial would have to undergo “minor edits” in order to meet its decency standards.

Meanwhile, the commercial has become an online hit, now with over 2 million views,  more than 36,000 reactions and 3,000 comments.

Using the campaign motto, online viewers took to social media to voice their concern over the network’s refusal to air the clip. Nevertheless, the commercial has succeeded in reaching thousands – especially by it now being marked as “banned”.

It sparked an interest debate on the concept of body positivism in relation to body representation. While some viewers may find the spot offensive, many (including Lane Bryant) would argue that the commercial simply aims to “[empower] women and express themselves as they see fit.”

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