You just handed out your employee of the month award or cleaned up at an industry event. Congratulations! How about sharing that moment with employees and clients with a company award video?

More Than Just a Company Award Shelf

Sure, it’s impressive to see a shelf full of awards at reception. But you know what would go great with those inanimate objects? Real people talking about the awards and what they mean!

Imagine if a potential customer is evaluating your business. They click on your website and see that you’ve won a number of awards. This gets their attention, but if they actually hear Judy from marketing talk about her award, it has even more impact. Now the viewer can relate to your strengths and put a face on your services.

Recognizing achievements shows you value your employees and take pride in your work. By celebrating the team and the business, you get to show off a little in a way that’s justified. Don’t think of it as bragging. Think of it as putting your best face forward by promoting some of your outstanding features.

What to Say

work award
Tell the audience what you won and why you won

Start with the award itself. What was it for? Is there an associated title or organization? Maybe the award winner, or someone representing the team, could talk about the process of being nominated and then taking the category over five other finalists.

If there was a ceremony, let’s hear about it. Was it a big party, an online celebration or a congratulatory email? If there’s a good story related to winning, go ahead and tell your audience.

Now’s the time to really blow your own horn. Why did you win? Talk a bit about the campaign, service or approach that put you on top. This gives potential clients an opportunity to hear about a specific example of your success.

Finally, share the love! If the award was won doing work for a particular client, mention them. You made them look good and they returned the favour by enabling your success.

great job kudos
Give kudos to those involved

Keep it Current

Keeping your award videos current can be a struggle. But if you make it a priority, a little bit of work now means a lot less work later. Having timely content also looks good from an outsider perspective by showing your company remains active.

Try shooting a video after the yearly awards ceremony. Or if awards come around more often, shoot quarterly or even monthly. Best case scenario, you have a video to support every win.

Video for Internal and External Audiences

Company award videos say a lot about your company: you have talent, you’re successful and you care about your work. Let those qualities shine through on-camera. Call Key West Video today for a quote.

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