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Think about someone you admire. Now think about why you admire that person. This question may generate a list of traits that can be translated to values. If you find “trustworthy” on your list, that probably means you value honesty and loyalty. It’s also likely that the qualities you admire are ones you try to embody. Defining core values is part of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-respect. Company core values speak to the character of your business.

What are Core Values?

Core values are a moral elevator pitch for your company. They succinctly express what your company cares about. These values guide actions, define brand, and unite employees. They are a reference point when it comes to making decisions that affect everything from hiring to investments. When company core values remain undefined, you may find your company—and everyone in it—lacks direction. A clearly defined set of core values act as a  reassurance that a company is consistent and reliable, and customers like that.

Why are They Important

company core values
Core values on your website help define your business

Many companies include core value statements on their websites. This speaks to character, focus, and direction. It’s a kind of reassurance for customers to see what it is a company holds important. Just like a friend who stays true to their word, companies that define and stick to their values are respected and gain loyal followers. But that’s just the external perception of your company. Core values are also important for employees, but more on that later.

What are Your Core Values?

Taking the time to identify a list of core values is a worthwhile practice. It’s also good to reassess company values every so often. Are you still adhering to them? Do they need to be updated? Has your business outgrown them? Below are a few questions that can help define company core values.

  • What values supersede making a quick buck?
  • Are these values that can be implemented at every level?
  • What values do your favorite companies espouse?
  • Are there charities your company would like to support?
  • What values are related to company rules?

When you’re whittling down your list, make sure values are short and actionable. If you can recite company values but you can’t define them, they’re probably just rhetoric.

The Employee Connection

Company core values
A boss leads by example

Make sure employees are aware of company values and abide by them. If everyone at a company defines the core values differently, there’s a problem. Core values need to be exemplified from the top down. A business leader leads by example. Even if you haven’t defined core values, employees will likely be assessing them based on how you act. Core values should be reflected in your employees and be part of workplace culture.

When you have strong core values, you attract strong candidates that fit into the workplace. Clear values mean an employee can enact goals and ambitions. They understand what the boss expects and they can work to uphold those values and advance their career.

Our Core Values

On our About Us page, you’ll find this: Reliability, flexibility, and excellent customer service form our core values here at Key West Videowe understand the importance of supporting our clients every step of the way throughout all stages of production. Corporate video is our passion and we are proud of what we do. Call us today for a free quote on your next video.

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