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Company Culture Video

A company culture video is a lot like an online dating profile. Use it to make a good first impression, giving the viewer a sense of who you are and what you have to offer. Add some pretty pictures and watch the responses come rolling in.

About Us

Company Culture Videos sometimes fall under the heading About Us and they’re considered a vital part of a business website. If you’re thinking about using a company’s services and you go to their website, where’s the first place you look? Exactly. So make sure your About Us video makes a good first impression.

company culture videos
Tell people who you are with a company culture video

An introduction video is a good time to keep things short and sweet. Tell the viewer where you come from and where you’re going. Be honest so people know what to expect from your business and the people who work for you. This is an introduction to your team and your services and an opportunity to instill confidence in your abilities.

Get Personal

This video literally puts a face on your business. It’s the best way to capture the life and spirit of your team authentically and honestly. You want the viewer to have a feeling for your company after watching. So take a chance on doing something creative or unusual. Have employees speak from the heart and show their passion for the work. Whatever showcases your team and illustrates what makes you different will go a long way in telling your story. Check out this video from Bamboo HR that clearly states what’s important to employees and the business.

Make the Employees the Stars

Behind-the-scenes videos are popular for good reason. For one thing, they work to humanize a company. Try using some footage of what your workday and work process actually looks like. The viewer will feel like they’re getting to know you on a deeper level than they would watching a polished message delivered by the boss.

Many company culture videos tell the story of how the business began. This is effective, especially if there’s a good story to be told. Interview the people who were there at the beginning. Then have newer employees talk about how the founding vision is still relevant today.

Another approach is telling customer stories to illustrate how your product or service works. When an employee is relating a positive interaction with a customer, the viewer is drawn in emotionally. The employee gets a chance to show pride in their work, making the company and themselves appealing.

There are myriad ways to show the personality of your business. Shoot a tour of your offices, use footage from a team-building exercise or tell the moving story of a single customer experience. This About Us video from Basecamp is nowhere near traditional, but the viewer still gets to know the people behind the business.

Double Duty

The best company culture videos double as recruitment videos. They attract not only potential customers but also potential employees. If you’re interested in getting the word out about your unique business, give Key West Video a call today for a free quote.

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