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Going to work is a massive part of our jobs, and that’s why company culture is so influential. Now you may be wondering, what even is “company culture” and why should I, as an employer or employee, care? Company culture “can be defined as a set of shared values, goals, attitudes, and practices that characterize an organization.”

More than the time we spend with family, we spend time at work. Whether that be remotely or in the office, the environment we spend time in is critical. Not only can a positive environment make us feel good but also work better! We scoured the web for what makes a great company culture and how you can implement that into your business.


The trust between employee and employer is critical in developing a high company culture. Employers who offer flexible work hours and remote work see better results from their employees since employees feel trusted. When you build a strong relationship with the people who work for you, you can expect to see amazing results.


company culture - active listening
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No one wants to work in a place where they feel unheard. Listening to your employees is the best way to build an influential company culture. When an employee’s ideas are heard, it makes them motivated to take a more active role in the company.  Listening may seem like an easy feat, but listening takes a lot of work. You might not like what people have to say, and you might have to take action you weren’t prepared to. However, listening goes a long way and helps build a positive work environment.

Having Goals

We talk about having goals a lot, but that’s because having goals et up anyone, company or individual, for success. If your company has goals, which it should, then make sure your employees are in on them. When you let your employees know what everyone is working towards, it can motivate them to work for that same goal. It puts everyone on the same page, and instead of competing against one another, they end up working together.

Positivity is Infectious

company culture - positivity
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If you want your employees to feel positive about the work environment, you need to set a positive example. How you speak about difficult situations, demanding clients, and other people can impact the way employees see the company as a whole. We all get frustrated, we’re only human, but if we make a more conscious effort to be more positive like expressing gratitude, we can make a significant impact on company culture.

We’ve only just grazed the surface when it comes to company culture. There’s so much you can do to foster a great space. How your area is designed, benefits you provide, and other non-work-related perks are always great extras to improve your employee’s experience. Describe your company culture, is there room for improvement?

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