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Conflict resolution is a great skill to have in relationships, the workplace, and life. Conflict can be commonplace, especially in work environments with different values, motivations and, ideas. Generally, these differences help form a diverse team that’s able to tackle problems from a variety of angles. However, how do you handle conflict in the workplace while maintaining professionalism and positively influencing company culture? 

conflict resolution
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Speak with the Person Directly

If you’re looking to resolve conflict, the best place to start is with the person you have a problem with. Arrange a time and place to meet to sit down and talk through your differences. When you’re speaking with this person, make sure you’re focusing on the issue at hand and not attacking someone’s personality. Personal attacks are never a great way to resolve conflict, and the best thing to do is to come back to the issue at hand.


One of the significant components of conflict resolution is to listen. Seek to understand not to react. Avoid interrupting the other person and focusing on understanding their feelings. If you don’t know what the other person is trying to tell you, make sure you ask questions to get clarification. When the person is done speaking, rephrase, and repeat what they said so they could feel heard.

Develop a Plan

There’s no point in talking about a conflict if you don’t form a plan to resolve it. Make sure you’re focusing on the future and working together to develop a plan to avoid this conflict at a later date. Perhaps you can reach a compromise depending on what the nature of the conflict is.

There’s a lot to learn about conflict resolution, but we hope this article provides you a jumping-off point to work from. Do you have any tips for conflict resolution in the workplace? Let us know in the comments.

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