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Should Your Company Make a Corporate Rap Video?

Rap videos usually get, well, a bad rap.

But for the right corporate video, perhaps a rap video isn’t such a bad idea.

Should Your Company Make a Corporate Rap Video?
Photo credit: L. Alex Frank via / CC BY-NC

They have largely existed in and around the hip-hop community. The majority of these kinds of videos often contain the same types of content: fancy cars, shiny grills, and pretty girls. Some videos today don’t even include actual rap, but things associated with it like the artist’s attire, speech, or sound.

For some corporations, using a rap video as a corporate video is unlikely. But not for companies like Moto.

According to The Verge, the phone company released a video that highlights their entire corporate history in rap-like form. The company outlined their 44-year history to commemorate Motorola engineer breakthrough as being the first to place a call via mobile device.

They’re not the first ones to have ever done this. Subway enlisted help from a creative ad agency for their new breakfast menu back in 2012. The ad agency enlisted help from YouTube rapper sensation Mac Lethal. The video did really well.

Gone are the days when we could draw clear-cut lines between corporate and pop/entertainment culture. As the two merge – with companies looking to diversify and rearrange their brand, look, sound, and overall audience – catering to more “urban” audiences isn’t as outlandish as it sounds.

These sorts of videos have a large following as hip-hop has a long history of shaping our modern day culture. Accompanied by compelling visuals, cool typography, and a beat you can bop your head to, they might just be the missing ingredient.

It’s a fun way to incorporate memorable rhyme with a catchy jingle. It’s also a great way to leave your mark. We’re more likely to remember something with a bumping beat or fun melody than a talking head in front of a camera. Merging the gap between rap and corporate means tapping into a whole new audience.

It also means expanding branding possibilities for your company. Even if your service or product is far-removed from the rap-listening demographic, it’ll show that you’re capable of moving into new, uncharted territory.

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in helping companies expand their brands through corporate video. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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