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Ever Thought About Surveillance Footage For Corporate Video?

Remember that dusty old surveillance camera you have out back? Well, it might actually be useful for something.

Surveillance cameras are primarily used for surveilling an area. Be it indoor or outside of your home, they’re used to observe an area for suspicious behaviour.

But how often do companies actually look at their surveillance footage? According to Quora, most American companies erase their footage every 30 to 90 days.  That’s a good amount of time to catch a wide range of content.

Depending on the location of your cameras, you may be able to catch some interesting activity. And depending on the tone, message, and overall creative direction for your next corporate video, this camera just might be a source for some great footage.

Ever Thought About Surveillance Footage For Corporate Video?
Photo credit: Jay Phagan via / CC BY

These kinds of cameras can pick up some interesting activity. Depending on how overactive your night footage is, it might be possible to use some of your camera’s footage in a corporate video. From animals fighting over garbage to curious pigeons poking their heads into the lens, it might be worth considering using entertainment shots to speak to your audience.

Who wouldn’t want to see the completely unplanned nightlife around your corporation?

If your nightlife isn’t as active, it might be a good idea to recreate the way surveillance footage is shot for your corporate video. We’re all fans of behind-the-scenes action; why not shoot your entire video as though it happened after hours and/or behind closed doors? This means interesting long, wide angles, timers in the corner, grainy quality, and the occasional glitch on the screen. This adds a level of intrigue for viewers. It’s a fun, Prison Break-ish way to relay information. Whether it’s employees trying to send a message across departments, escape the office, or witnessing an interrogation, shooting corporate video via surveillance can be a new and fun way to get a message across.

Here at Key West Video, we are constantly collaborating with clients to come up with new and exciting ways to get their message(s) across. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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