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Is A 3D Corporate Video A Good Idea For Your Brand?

3D TVs are making a comeback. Does your corporate video need to follow suit?

According to an article on Mashable, 3D TVs might soon make their way back into the market. Researchers might have found a way to reintroduce the appliance back into homes – this time without glasses.

They’re hoping that the interest for at-home 3D TVs will change because of newfound accessibility. Though it’s still working out the kinks (sometimes a ghosting effect occurs and images faintly appear in other areas offscreen) with double-imaging, it’s showing promise. They’ve noticed that the higher the CGI (character graphic interface) in the film/television show, the more information there is to work with, making three-dimensional images more apparent.

Some takeaways are that the technologies can be integrated rather quickly into stores and homes. The new luxury also supports a good amount of different viewing angles and doesn’t require the use of glasses. It’s also compatible with 4k resolution.

Is A 3D Corporate Video A Good Idea For Your Brand?
Photo credit: Profound Whatever via / CC BY-NC-SA

For corporate companies looking to branch out into more complex technologies, this is a perfect time. Though three-dimension television tanked in the past, researchers are hoping that with these new updates and affordabilities, viewers will be more inclined purchase.

This means that corporate companies can consider making their content 3D again. Three-dimensional viewing means bringing the screen to life – literally. It consists of stereoscopic film that enhances a sense of depth in an image. It gives the illusion that the on-screen is “popping out” at us, hence adding a third dimension.

In other words, it’s super cool.

It adds another layer to your content. These types of video/motion picture are able to accentuate images in a way that makes for a more excitable viewing experience. It directly engages the viewer. It also draws them into the world onscreen and blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

With the now-shifting changes in technology, the question isn’t whether corporate companies should shoot 3D videos, but when?

Here at Key West Video, we stay on top of new and existing technologies in the industry. We specialize in creating the most enjoyable viewing experience for consumers while keeping our clients happy. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today.

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