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How Corporate Video Is Artistic, Too

Artistic Corporate Video: People sometimes forget that the very medium of video – be it corporate or feature film – is artistic, too.

No matter how you spin it, capturing a shot on video serves its purpose in the art world as creating a moment onscreen. The ability to shoot video alone is artistic in itself.

Corporate video calls for corporate clients to call on corporate video production companies. Only makes sense right?

Only where do you draw the line between vague corporate video requests and fulfilling an artistic vision? Often, companies like Key West Video are left with the guesswork. We are indirectly asked to come up with imaginative scenarios, informative (yet intriguing) scripts, and compelling visuals. Ideally, a corporate company (read: client) wants to use the video for educational, promotional or instructional services. Our job is to do just that. But do it well.

How Corporate Video Is Artistic, Too

The trick is to infuse an artistic vision, even if it’s minimal.

Of course, this means working directly with our clients. We work with our coordinates step-by-step to ensure that their vision is realized and put into action. When requested, we guide unsure clients through our creative process to ensure we’re all on the same page. When requested, we present storyboard options for our clients to choose from. Sometimes they present us with their ideas and we develop them. Other times, we pitch them our own.

No matter how closely we work with a client, one thing that it always comes down to is artistic direction. We may see eye-to-eye on a given aesthetic, but it is almost always the videographer who actualizes ideas. This means using his or her artistic, creative eye to bring a client’s vision to fruition.

Typically, we deal with corporate clients who look for:

  • Training/Instructional videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Stories (accompanied with b-roll and/or voiceover)
  • Music videos

music video

Though most of these types of content come with their own level of artistry, we are able to add our own personal ‘Key West flair’ to the video, separating us from the pack. We create stunning video quality that speaks to your audience. By creating visually appealing content, we believe that you as the client are better able to spread your message through this platform.

For more on the artistic work we do, visit our website and check out our portfolio today!

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