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What Corporate Video Can Learn From Video Games

With moving technology, it becomes clearer every day just how much video games affect our world.

Video games are a medium that we can still honestly say are an even balance of life imitating art and art imitating life.

What Corporate Video Can Learn From Video Games
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With the introduction of AR and VR experiences, it seems like the bridge between alternate reality experiences and real life have become, well, blurred.

But even if you’re not much of a gamer, there are a few undeniable truths when it comes to the role video games play in our mainstream society.

Gaming, for one, has a significant influence on the way we interpret a story. Think about role-playing games (RPGs) for a moment: a player must complete a task or go through multiple dimensions to move higher up in the ‘levels’ of the game. They must use their senses to activate the resources around them, read the advice given by totem characters placed there to help them along their way, and overcome some sort of great feat in order to move on.

Then There’s Corporate Video

Likewise, with corporate video, we’re often telling a story. Though it isn’t always as clear-cut or obvious as in games, corporate videos still indirectly send a message or narrative for an audience to tap into. They attempt to take audiences to the next level in their journey with a brand. Their goal is to keep consumers as invested as they initially were when they first came into contact with a brand, product or service.

Video games also know their audiences extremely well. They know how to curate graphics, what sorts of interesting characters to create and voice actors to use and are able to know how to pique their interests. Brands looking to use corporate video to reach their audiences can benefit from understanding the psyche behind their audience. It’s in the details; knowing every single aspect of how your demographic is affected (from the positioning of the camera right down to the colors used onscreen) is essential when creating an influential corporate video.

Lastly, video games speak to the culture. They often reflect the state of our video game and computer technology with impeccable graphics, yes, but they also can reflect popular time periods of an era long since forgotten about.

With corporate video, it’s important to really understand the relevancy of your message. Is it time-sensitive? Will it be insensitive to send a particular message after some sort of societal disaster? How does it reflect the culture? Does it speak to a past time period that is easily recognizable? These are some of the things corporate brands should consider!

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