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A piece of music can completely change the tone of a video. A speech that was once solemn becomes upbeat; a memorial video can be made hopeful or sad; a product promo goes from serious to playful. Imagine Volvo’s commercial “The Epic Split” with rock music. It would still work, but the ad would have a totally different feel. The act of choosing corporate video music is an art, supported by science.


The Purpose of Music in Corporate Video

Corporate video music should add value to a piece without being distracting. Sometimes you just want background music that fills out the video. Other times you want music that drives the piece. When we’re working on a video, we love it when clients are specific about their music. Even if you can’t afford to use the latest Beyoncé track, send it along as an example of the vibe you’re after and we’ll look for something similar.

For most clients, corporate video music will be the last part of a project considered. That is, other than our music videos clients. Generally, the content of the video takes precedence. The pre-production planning such as scripting and shooting address the TM. By the time music is added, the video has a clear tone and purpose, which makes choosing music easier.

Lyrics or Instrumental?

Most corporate video music is instrumental. You don’t want lyrics competing with an address to camera or other important information. But sometimes, lyrics are the only audio in a video.

The right lyric at the right time can reinforce a video’s message or even stand in for scripting. Especially with short promos, lyric-driven music can be an effective option. Check out this custom piece written for Melbourne Trains. It was so well received, the song itself became popular because of the campaign.

Playing with Music

When choosing corporate video music, it’s important to think about what kind of video is being created. For example, a series of videos could use a single piece of music helps tie them all together. An animated intro with standard music lets the audience know that video is part of a larger series. A shorter video often needs more impactful music. They tend to be higher energy and need to deliver a message quickly. Let the music do some of the heavy lifting by setting the pace and tone. Playing with the music in terms of stopping it right at the very important point you want to make or punctuating a point with a swell is another option. For a longer piece that covers various topics, several pieces of music may be needed.

Nixing Corporate Video Music

Sometimes corporate video music isn’t even necessary. Silence can be impactful the same way lowering your voice can make people lean in and listen. Turning the music off can signal to the viewer that what’s being said is important, demanding focus. And if your video is likely to be watched on a mobile device, it’s likely to be watched on mute.

Production Music vs. Needle Drop Music

Sometimes a piece of production music becomes a kind of theme for a business. We have repeat clients who request the same track for different videos. Their audience has learned to link the business with the music. Not only is production music a less expensive option that original music, it usually works very well for corporate video. Be aware that popular music can quickly date your project. Go for something more generic if you want the content to be evergreen.

hand on piano keys
Custom music can be an expensive option

If you opt for custom music or even needle drop music, be ready to spend some money. Depending on how much of the music you use, where your video will be played and some other factors, this kind of music can get quite expensive. Songs that everyone knows can give your video wide appeal. But a catchy song that’s lesser known is generally cheaper and can still get you noticed.

Fade Out

Typically, we use production music for our corporate videos. Audio Jungle, Videoblocks, Premium Beats, and Sonicfire are production music libraries that provide a range of suitable tracks. Our editors will choose something they think fits with the piece and add it to a video for review. If the client would like to hear more choices, we can send a list of tracks. In the end, music is part of the overall video package that delivers your message.

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