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Can You Get Away With Corporate Video Remakes?

Remakes aren’t exactly a new concept.

In fact, we’ve been graced with the re-emergence of remakes for years.

Can You Get Away With Corporate Video Remakes?
Photo credit: Cindy Gedenspire via / CC BY-NC-SA

Robocop. Rush Hour. The Star Wars saga. The list goes on. Remakes have slowly made reappearances in Hollywood’s film and television industry.

But what about corporate video remakes? A lot of corporate creatives (typically in marketing or advertising departments) struggle with recycling ideas. Will your audience realize you’ve repeated the same concept from 5 years ago? Will they care? How much is too much, and how little is too little?

We’ve come to realize that much like the film industry, corporate videos can most definitely make reappearances, too – provided they’re done right. Audiences are nostalgic for classic pieces of visual work that resonates with them. If the work was good enough the first time around, then audiences may be less reluctant to watch a remake. Naturally, remakes are made when the original buzz for a film is large enough to build a cult following. A remake depends on said following to support the newer version. And ideally, the newer version should be far better than the last.

In corporate video, a remake of an old video idea may suffice. This can be in the form of music, theme, storyline, or direct dialogue. We’ve all seen PSAs from various not-for-profit organizations with similar messages and narration. Often times, these PSAs use different imagery each time, while keeping their original message.

Unlike NGOs and NPOs, a lot of creative corporate companies might change their video marketing campaign every 6-12 months. With such a quick turnover, it might be hard to retain the core values in a campaign, or have your original message get lost in translation. Remakes are often retakes of your original message to the world.

In short, the answer is yes. Your corporate company can most definitely benefit from remaking and reliving the good ol’ days via corporate video.

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