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What happens when your excellent corporate company videos aren’t getting the visibility they deserve? Maybe it’s time to review your video’s SEO.

How To Increase Corporate Video SEO



Dual Hosting

One effective way to increase visibility to your corporate video is dual hosting to embed company videos on your website. When uploading corporate videos to YouTube or Vimeo, there is less of a chance that users will click externally back to your website. This inevitably takes away from your site’s traffic. But when content is also embedded into your site, there is a greater chance of higher Google search visibility and increased traffic to your website.

Back Links

Allowing backlinks (or inbound links) on a corporate video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo is another great way to improve SEO. Users often want to go to the “source” of a video to see where the source material originates from.

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking is the idea of including inbound links to another webmaster link to boost a site’s ranking. However, one must be careful when reciprocal linking. When linking to an external site, make sure the content is relevant. In Google searches, most inbound links will become ignored while

Meta Tags

Optimizing landing pages is another great way to increase your video’s SEO. Meta-tagging your website’s code makes it easier to find your site on a search engine. Think of meta tags as content descriptors meant to help find your content on the world-wide-web.

Loading Page

Stay on top of your page’s loading page. The longer your content takes to load, the higher the chances are that they will move on from your site. In worst case scenario, they won’t return anytime soon. You don’t want to be known as that website that took too long to load. When user experience is affected, SEO inevitably is as well.


Another way to increase corporate video SEO is to use keywords. On YouTube, you can “tag” your videos with keywords that will get picked up by Google searches. You used to be able to use Google’s Keyword Tool as a way to increase traffic to a video. However, this was ruled out in 2014 when Google and YouTube ruled out the Keyword Tool for Google AdWords.

No matter the method, it’s important to recognize that video marketing should be a tool to drive revenue/sales, traffic, and visibility to your brand. While crucial, a video is not the end goal itself (unless you are, of course, a video production company like us).

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in creating the best video content for your business’s needs. From corporate video training to video marketing, we are here to help your company reach its final brand goal. For more information on the services, we give, visit the Key West Video Inc. website and get a quote today!


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