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Does Your Company Need A Corporate Video Trailer?

A video trailer serves to tease its audience with what’s to come. But is it a good idea for your corporate video?

A good trailer gives the audience an idea of what a video project (usually film or TV show) is all about.

Does Your Company Need A Corporate Video Trailer?
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Usually, it includes thought-provoking clips from impactful scenes. It incorporates some hint of drama and teases us with the conflict of the film. It is also almost always visually stunning. It usually gives the audience an idea of the overall story of the piece and uses its best clips.

We know how it works in film and television. And in that part of the entertainment world, a film or TV show trailer is expected.

But what about corporate video?

Well, for those looking to make creative corporate video campaigns that tell a story, a video trailer might be a good idea. Here’s why:

Introduces Story

It provides a content creator the opportunity to introduce a storyline. If, for example, you are a company wanting to tell a story over a series of videos, then a trailer might be a great way to generate interest. It hints at the tone of your content, the themes you are looking to explore, and the way your video content will look. It’s also not as common to use this method as a way to introduce a video campaign – which is something that can set you apart from competitors.

Shows Brand Creativity

It also shows your audience just how creative you can truly be. No matter what the actual content of your corporate video campaign is, the very fact that you are willing to create an introductory video to get the ball rolling is a great way to show your audience just how serious (and creative) you are.

Informs Your Audience

Apart from introductions and creativity, it also informs your audience about what your campaign is all about. While a good trailer doesn’t spoil upcoming content with too much info, it provides audiences with just enough for them to be curious.

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