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Different Corporate Video for Different Corporate Needs

Don’t think your business could benefit from a corporate video? Think again! There are so many different types of corporate videos out there that EVERY business could benefit.

Company Profile — A company profile video is a great way to show the world who you are and what you can do. USES: Marketing purposes – for website, social media, email marketing, trade shows etc.  

Promotional This type of video is very popular and usually quite straightforward— allowing companies to showcase their product and/or service. It provides consumers with a visual explanation and allows them to see the product/service in use. USES: Marketing purposes – for website, social media, email marketing, trade shows etc.

Testimonial  Another great way to highlight a product or service is through a raving client testimonial. Potential customers want to know that what they plan on investing in  has already been useful and successful for other buyers, so a testimonial can be a strong selling point. USES: Marketing purposes – for website, social media, email marketing, trade shows etc.

Address to Camera  Addresses to camera are a useful communication tool. They allow companies to provide straightforward messages to the viewer, most often when CEO’s or other staff members need to speak directly to their team, vendors or sometimes even clients. USES: Internal or External Communications

Training – Training videos can help save time and money, and ensure that the same message is being delivered across the board. You can train potential buyers on the best way to utilize your product, train staff on how to handle certain situations, or sell your training videos as part of a lesson plan. USES: Internal marketing and/or communications. External marketing and promotion.

Recruitment If you are part of a company that places high value in your staff and is continually looking for the best talent available, then a recruitment video can be a great asset. It is a way to showoff what your company does and what it can offer potential employees. USES: Marketing for recruitment purposes, internally or externally.

Event – Creating a highlight video of an event that your company was apart of is a great way to ensure that the event will never be forgotten. With a variety of uses, event videos can be used as stand alone videos or in combination with others, such as a promotional or company profile videos. USES: Internal marketing and/or communications. External marketing and promotion.

Conferences & Seminars – Much like event videos, conference & seminar videos allow viewers to view the content without having to leave the comfort of their home. Can be utilized to allow individuals to watch who were unable to attend, allow attendees to re-watch certain sections, or you can sell this content in another forum. USES: Educational. Sales & Marketing purposes.

Commercial – Commercials don’t always have to be shown on broadcast television. While many companies still invest heavily into commercial production, more and more are beginning to create commercials specifically designed for online audiences. With cost effective and innovative solutions in mind, commercials are more accessible today to the medium to smaller businesses as well. USES: Sales & Marketing purposes.

Animation – Animation is not necessarily a type of corporate video more so than a style. Animation can be utilized and incorporated into all the different types of videos described above. It is a great way to engage audiences and can be especially helpful in illustrating complicated material or that which cannot be easily videographed.

If you are interested in getting a corporate video produced contact Keywest Video today! We would be happy to discuss your needs and see what we can do for you.

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