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Corporate Video vs. Filmmaking: What’s The Big Freaking Difference?

Not much and everything. To say the least. Interested in learning more? Check out my points below.

corporate video If you are an aspiring #videographer, or #writer, or #motiongraphics expert, you might have thought about exactly what sector of the industry you would like to settle into. And while the bright lights of #Hollywood are ever lustrous, the lion’s share of those in the industry doesn’t just get recruited into the big leagues. Sure you can try your luck at getting into the film industry from the bottom and working your way up. But here’s why I believe the corporate video world is a great market, where there is a lot more opportunity for creativity and excitement then one might think.


First and foremost, when it comes to corporate video production versus #filmmaking at almost any level, budgets are a decisive difference. Because filmmaking, whether for television broadcast, an Indie flick, or even a documentary, require more planning, and more hands in the pot. While some may think of smaller budgets as limiting, it’s almost freeing. You have to get creative. You have to be able to find cost effective solutions. And you have to be able to wear many hats. In our line of work our producers also act as sales reps, marketing managers and writers/directors at times. Our editors handle all aspects from color correction to audio mixing and motion graphics work. We do this in order to keep budgets down. In the long run though this is an amazing way to understand and develop skills in multiple aspects of the industry. Clients appreciate the fact that they can turn to us as a one stop shop without the hefty price tag.


Clients in any part of the industry can be a pain. Just ask wedding videographers. However, in the #corporate sphere it’s not as bad as you would presume. You’re often dealing with client’s who have little experience with writing scripts, or deciding on the right voice talent and the best angles to capture the scene. Therefore they rely on you for guidance. One gentleman on the forum stated eloquently, “when you make a film unless you finance the project from pre-production to post-production to distribution, you’ll have investors. They’ll take the place of ‘clients’ and you’ll have to do a far better ‘song and dance’ to keep them signing those much needed checks”. When you’re working with network executives and film producers, they will expect and demand a lot. Corporate video clients are far easier to handle and collaborate with in comparison.


Another aspect that really sets these two apart is the length of project. Although it is becoming more and more common for filmmakers to produce short films to display their work, the most invested in formats are still feature length #film and #TV movies. Of course with corporate video the length is dependent upon the content, so we still do produce 30min long training videos when needed. However, for promotional pieces the mantra is always ‘short and sweet’. The amount of projects we are able to juggle at any given time is ever growing as our staff continues to expand. So with corporate video when you work on a project you don’t particularly enjoy, you know you will be done with it soon. Start working on a film and find out you don’t enjoy it, you’ll be stuck with it for several months or longer depending on your job position.


The most common theme when talking about corporate video is that everything looks the same, and that no risks are taken. The idea is that corporations are scared to do anything outside of the box, and want to conform to the cookie cutter image that they try to present themselves as. Yet what I have found is that a large share of our clients are looking to stand out and break free from the pack, they just need a partner that is willing to hold their hand during the process, and one they can really trust not to make them look silly in the end. Ben McElroy runs a production company based out of Massachusetts and he agrees, stating in his article on PRWeb, “The demand for better looking video is on the rise and Hollywood films are synonymous with a high quality look. Movie industry techniques can be found in most high-end video productions”.

There is nothing holding the corporate video world back from producing more cinematic pieces. With the technology we have at our disposal today, at lot can be done with a limited budget and timeline. The corporate world is stepping closer every day to producing pieces of work that look and feel like a feature film. And while maybe not every one our clients is aiming for that style, we enjoy trying to find a balance between more dramatic lighting, color grading, and unique concepts, while expressing the main message our corporate video clients are trying to get across.

While everyone has their own place in this world, I think more and more people are realizing that corporate video production isn’t something to be fluffed off as the lower end tier of the production machine. Corporate work does have a place in not only quality productions as a whole, but the entertainment world itself. As can be seen by the many corporate video projects that have amassed millions of viewers on YouTube and the like.

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