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Why Corporate Video Production Companies Are Ideal for Weddings

Corporate video production companies offer an incomparable standard of video quality for weddings both in and out of season.

And yet, couples often turn to freelance videographers when it comes to their weddings.

Why Corporate Video Production Companies Are Ideal for Weddings
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Why is that?

Here at Key West Video, we have a plethora of experience in shooting for weddings and private events. We understand the importance of showing the world just how special that day is to our clients and their friends. We also know a thing or two about shooting high-quality video to add to an already memorable day.

Here we highlight some of the top reasons why you should consider a corporate video production for your wedding:


Lighting plays a significant role in how a picture or video turns out. Depending on the location and subject, a shoot can be made or broken solely due to lighting. A good videographer/camera operator knows the difference between lighting for porcelain skin tones versus ebony skin tones, the difference between indoor fluorescent light and outdoor natural light, and the hues and shades that cancel each other out.

Video Quality

It goes without saying that video quality should be at its best when it comes to weddings. Whether you’re shooting in 1080i HD or 4K resolution, you need to make sure your camera setting are in sync. Likewise, with editors, everything from importing to exporting to matching footage sequence settings when editing a video takes time, knowledge and precision. We make it our duty to shoot in the highest quality possible and edit our videos for flattering, breathtaking imagery.

Fair Cost

Going with a reputable video production company means avoiding outlandish rates and questionable credentials. Though it may be tempting to go with a freelance videographer who’s offering a cheaper rate for weddings, you run the risk of not getting the desired quality you’re looking for. With companies like Key West with a reputation for consistent image quality, you know what to expect in both quality and fair pricing. In essence, you get what you pay for – no strings attached.

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in producing stunning weddings videos and much, much more. For more info on the wide range of services we provide, visit our website today!

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