Corporate Video Scripting

Scripting is an important part of pre-production in corporate video. Without a script, you have no guiding structure or framework for production. Invest in a script and watch your project fall into place.

Language is Important

Start your script with a brief. Take the time to really think about the goal of your video, your target audience and your message. This step will help you focus, honing in on the whole reason you want to create a video. It’s also a good way to make sure everybody involved is in agreement.

Corporate Video Scripting
Your script should tell a story

You want your video to tell a story. Whether you’re shooting an instructional video or a recruitment video, there should be a narrative. This approach will engage your audience and keep them watching until the end. Making an emotional connection with the viewer should be a priority.

Use simple, direct language understood by the audience. If you’re making an internal-facing video, it’s okay to use industry lingo. However, if you’re speaking to the general public, make sure they can understand the message. Terminology that’s unfamiliar will only alienate or frustrate your audience and drive them away.

Video is a Visual Medium

The script is important, but don’t forget the accompanying visuals! The written word is part of the overall storyboard, which is your production roadmap. Try to keep the visual element in mind when writing. Those of us who work in the corporate video industry know that it’s hard to match a picture to rhetoric.

Corporate Video Scripting
Write with a visual in mind

Read it Aloud

When you’ve finished a draft of your script, read it out loud. Somebody will be saying your words and you should hear how they’ll sound. This technique makes too formal language and oddly-phrased sentences obvious. Mark your script as you read and go back to address any issues. But also make sure you read all the way through, slowly, at least once to get an idea of the length.

We’re Great at Scripting

At Key West Video, script writing is one of the services we offer. Our in-house writer can help you reach your target audience. Call us today for a free quote.