How Much Emotion Should Your Video Have?

Some of the most poignant, memorable videos usually contain something that gets our attention. But it isn’t what catches us – it’s what keeps us there. And that something is emotion.

A lot of times when we work with new clients, they have an idea of what kind of video they’re looking for. Testimonials. Tutorials. Training videos. Music videos.

But where we sometimes have to step in is with creative direction. What is the story being told? What message does the client want to portray? And how can we best get that across?

For some of our more creative projects (or PSAs), we tend to offer more creative direction. And sometimes this means digging a little deeper. Who do we want to appeal to? What is the target demographic? And ultimately, what emotion do we want to convey?

In the past, we’ve worked with clients to create emotion in the form of video. One of our past clients, Free Them, used emotion to send a message in their online campaign against human trafficking.

One of the few things we’ve learned while working with our diverse clients is that it’s important to really grasp the need of the video. Some of the most memorable campaigns have tugged on our emotional strings. They’ve made their mark in both our hearts and minds as something worth remembering.

Corporate companies especially should not only be seeking to educate potential customers, but appeal to them on a personal level. At the end of the day, a business, organization or team is a unit formed by a multitude of people behind it. We are human beings who feel, understand, have some capacity for compassion, and can ultimately latch on to gripping content.

How Much Emotion Should Your Video Have?

In the past, we’ve talked about how companies can utilize emotion in video. Another reason to take advantage of it is simply because you can. If you’re a daring, risk-taking company who wants to push the corporate envelope, then you may want to consider using strong emotions in your video. It worked for Dove. It worked for Maxwell House with ‘Affirmation Girl‘. It can certainly work for you.

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