What Types of Video Production Services?


Most businesses have made video part of their overall marketing plan. It makes sense to spend money on video when more than half of consumers want to see it from the brand or business they support. When it comes to video production services, Key West Video has the resources and talent to do just about anything you can imagine. And video offers a great return on your investment. Just ask us for a free quote and we’ll make you a believer! Here’s a rundown of what we offer.

For Employees (Internal)

Video is a great way to communicate with employees internally. For new hires, creating one video that can be watched when convenient and reviewed whenever necessary will save your onboarding team time and money. Record a company-wide announcement from your CEO to keep everyone in the loop. If it’s time to update your training protocol, a video can cover all the specifics and ensure everyone gets the same information. Record seminars and conferences so that even the employees who couldn’t make a live presentation can still benefit.

What Types of Video Production Services?
Video training puts employees on the same page

When you’re trying to attract new talent, video can let potential employees know why they should consider working for your company. Key West Video can work with you to produce a recruiting piece highlighting the pros of being your employee. A company culture video will let viewers get to know your business better. Video is an opportunity to show your personality in a format that’s emotionally engaging.

For Business (External)

Video production services are the perfect way to connect with consumers. Commercials for broadcast or online consumption are designed to grab the attention of your target market and drive them to action. Testimonials allow potential customers to hear from people just like them and learn about the advantages of your product or service. Show your product in action or highlight desirable features. A branding video will give viewers a better idea of what it is your business does and the values you embrace.

The Lighter Side of Video

At Key West Video, we’ve used our video production services repeatedly to showcase the lighter side of a business. Clients have asked us to shoot dramatic spoofs, create customized music videos, and record silly messages all in the name of entertainment. These videos are typically made for an internal audience but sometimes the public gets a peek, too. After all, doesn’t everyone want to see their boss play air guitar while singing about first-quarter numbers?


Animation is one of the most effective and engaging tools we use in video production services. Our animators can create any character, product, or background you can imagine. Then they can make those characters, products, and backgrounds do whatever is necessary to deliver your message. Whether your goal is to explain how a product works or use metaphors to help the audience understand a more complex concept, animation is easily manipulated to fit your purpose.


What Types of Video Production Services?
Product shot taken in-studio

Our video production services include still photography. When our videographers are on location, they’re typically shooting still images to accompany video footage. Shots of the location, product shots, and set-up shots may be taken. Back at the studio, we do headshots and product shots. In the studio environment, we can use a green screen for customized backgrounds or create our own backgrounds. We can also tailor lighting to your product, finding the most flattering angle.

In-House Studio

Speaking of our studio, we happen to have a green screen studio (check out the image at the top of this post) that serves so many purposes! From product shots to self-tape auditions, our studio is a pretty busy place. Corporate headshots can be taken here and acting classes and workshops are conducted, too. If you’re looking for space to accommodate your own shoot, call our office and ask about renting the studio.

Drone Footage and Stills

Drone footage gives the viewer a unique perspective. It’s a great way to show off real estate, give an overview of large space, or portray beautiful landscape. At Key West Video, we’ve teamed up with Lone Drone Solutions to provide clients with impressive drone shots. With the strict and changing rules and regulations surrounding drone usage, it’s advantageous to work with a company dedicated to following proper procedure. Check out some of the great shots we got working with Lone Drone in the video below.

Other Video Production Services

These examples are just the start of the video production services possibilities. Key West Video also does music videos and crowdfunding videos. We’ll work with your footage or you can rent one of our edit suites. Whatever your goal, we’re here to work with you to find the perfect video application for your product or service. Did we mention that we do captioning and can deliver videos in a variety of formats? You can also choose from English, French, or any other language that suits your needs. Okay, okay. You get the idea. Call us today and let’s talk about your best video.

This piece was originally posted in 2011 and has been updated for accuracy.

Semantic Web: Is It A Game Changer?

Semantic Web 3.0

Most people have probably heard the term Web 2.0, a reference to the second stage of development of the World Wide Web. The 2.0 generation of internet is mostly about the change from static web pages to dynamic content and the growth of social media. Online content went from static and individualistic to interactive and social. This expanded the number of individuals who used the internet and allowed for more connectivity, which is what the web is all about. Next step: Web 3.0, also known as the Semantic Web. The concept can be a difficult one to grasp, so let’s start with an explainer.

Computing That Understands Context

The term Semantic Web is a term coined by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web. He used this phrase as a way to talk about a web for data that can be processed by machines. In other words, data that a computer can read and then use to make connections with other related data. This would be achieved through structure and a tagging system. Semantic Web technologies enable people to create data stores on the Web, build vocabularies, and write rules for handling data.

The idea behind a Semantic Web is that it will allow your computer to understand context. This new usability would transform our computers from passively helping us gather information to actively helping us through a better understanding of what we seek. The technology is still being developed, although some of the related ideas are already being used. Resource description framework in attributes (RDFa) embeds rich metadata within web documents in an XML language. Microformats, working within HTML code, provide additional formatting and semantic data that applications can use. Both of these technologies function to provide more information, helping a computer understand content.

Online Video Benefits from Semantic Web

The Semantic Web as described above should allow searches to bring up more relevant content for a variety of purposes. This would make online videos more searchable. A properly tagged video tagged would appear in searches that consider much more than the video’s title. All sorts of information covered in the video would be relevant in the Semantic Web.

Semantic Web: Is It A Game Changer?
A Semantic Web would improve search results

We already see this kind of technology being used on YouTube through mechanisms such as subtitles. This shows that the web is getting more intelligent and evolving to include comprehension. Semantics consider the look and feel of a video beyond text. For example, the Semantic Web would be able to detect music and its feeling. If you search sad puppy, YouTube may be able to bring up a video of a puppy with sad music behind it, rather than results only for a sad puppy or a video with the title “Sad Puppy”. Once the semantics of what we are searching are better understood, our computers will be able to find more targeted and relevant content.

Marketing Possibilities

Marketing videos in a Semantic Web will have a better chance of reaching their target market. Videos can be more specific and specialized, making it easier to target potential customers. Have a listen to what Tim Berners-Lee had to say about the Semantic Web in 2008.

Is the Semantic Web Dead?

Back in 2001, Tim Berners-Lee published an article in Scientific American. This piece laid out the changes Berners-Lee and fellow researchers Ora Lassila and James Hendler saw coming to the web. Their talk of the Semantic Web heralded a time when intelligent “agents” would scour the internet and make connections on our behalf. Think of an advanced version of Siri communicating with a bunch of other Siris.

Eighteen years later, we’re still waiting for a Semantic Web. Why hasn’t it happened yet? This idea is reliant on a unified acceptance of new standards that would require all web content to be annotated with bits of XML. However, getting everyone to provide metadata for their content isn’t easy. Also, some people might be tempted to use the XML info in a misleading way to draw more clicks. Finally, in order for the metadata to be robust and reliable, users would all have to agree on a single representation for each important concept. In summary, it’s difficult to get everyone on the same page to move the idea of a Semantic Web forward.

Continued Web Evolution

Today we’re more likely to refer to machine learning and AI rather than the Semantic Web. Take for instance Google’s knowledge graph. It’s Google’s attempt to provide relevant, context-specific information regarding your search related to SEO. So even if the Semantic web never comes to fruition, we’re still benefitting from ideas proposed by the next generation of the world wide web.

This blog was originally published in 2011 and updated to include more recent information.


GoodBye Flash Player

Flash Player is losing out to HTML5

We take a look back at what was happening to video and Flash Player in a blog from 2011. We’ve included a few updates and links to keep things current.

In November of 2011, Adobe announced that it would stop developments of Flash Player plug-ins for mobile devices. This confirmed rumours that the computer software company was bowing to pressure from the up-and-coming HTML5. The announcement will have a big effect on the industry. Apple led the charge against Flash when they said iOS devices wouldn’t use the software platform. Let’s give this all a bit of context with an explainer on how cell phones work.

Fading Flash Player

The Flash Player has been the standard for some time. It was critical to the explosion of videos on the internet. Before Flash Player, computer users needed several different programs to watch online videos. Even then, the quality wasn’t very good.

If Flash was such a big deal, why has HTML5 taking over? The problem is that Flash can be a difficult program to work with—using it to get web content onto mobile devices can be a big pain. Some also feel that Flash doesn’t have the same capacity and quick loading time of other programs.

HTML5 to the rescue?

HTML5 was Flash Player’s main competition and it has now become the standard. Most would say that it was Apple’s use of HTML5 on its iPhone and iPad that accelerated development. Steve Jobs was even quoted as saying, “Flash simply isn’t reliable, secure or fast enough to be used on mobile devices”.

GoodBye Flash Player
Is HTML5 the video champion we all need?

So is HTML5 really better than Flash Player? It has its own issues as a video player, such as how different browsers support different HTML5 video formats. And HTML5 doesn’t include digital rights management technology, which means it can’t prevent copying. Because of that shortcoming, many content owners prefer protective formats such as Flash or Sliverlight. Wait. What’s Silverlight? We think an explainer is a great way to answer your question.

The Future, Including 5G

Even without Flash Player, the future of online video is looking pretty darn good. A Cisco study predicts that by 2020, 84% of all internet traffic will be video. At Key West Video, we can format videos in any way a client requests. However, we typically provide MP4 files. These are standard for any kind of use from website to mobile. Speaking of mobile video, 5G is just around the corner, so video on your phone will be looking better than ever! Make sure you don’t miss out on the future. Call us today to talk about your options for creating a great online video.

Video Stats You Should Know

video stats

There is no denying that video has become a huge part of marketing. From social media posts to websites, everybody is promoting themselves and their products through video. Of course we’re going to say video is the greatest—we’ve long believed in the power of the medium. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some stats that support video as one of the most important things you can do for your business.

Video Stats for Car Buyers

Sixty-nine percent of car shoppers are influenced by YouTube. That means videos that cover model reviews, test drives, and walk-throughs can make a real difference. Here are some other ideas for car dealership videos that could lead to increased sales:

Video Stats You Should Know
Car shoppers are watching videos before they buy.
  • Position yourself as a resource for quality and relevant content regarding car ownership. That means everything from maintenance to safety to repairs. This will build your reputation as trustworthy and knowledgeable in the field.
  • Tour your dealership to show off inventory. Post the videos on  YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram stories.
  • Make a personal connection with the viewer with car reviews, customer testimonials, and tips from team members. These videos show the human side of your business.

People Look to YouTube for…Everything

YouTube is the second most visited website in existence.  Wanna hear another crazy video stat? People have watched 50,000 years’ worth of product review videos on YouTube. And that’s just in the last two years and just on mobile! The bottom line is that a product review video can boost sales. Key West Video can work with you to determine what kind of review video has the best chance of reaching your target audience and leading them down the sales funnel.

Video is Taking Over the Internet

A report from Cisco tells us that globally, IP video traffic will be 82% of all IP traffic by 2022. That’s up from 75% in 2017. Video stats support the idea that people are logging on to watch. Not only are videos entertaining, but they’re also engaging.  Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to a measly 10% retention that comes from reading the same information. That’s huge! It means that if you serve up your most important message through video, your audience is more likely to watch that video and remember what they saw.

Video Stats Support Increased Sales

Viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. For the best chance of selling your product, follow these simple tips.

  • Show the product in action. That helps the audience understand how it works and they can envision using it themselves.
  • Make sure the video, audio, and any supporting graphics or text are done well. Out of focus footage or hard to hear audio will only frustrate viewers. Leave the video to the professionals for the best results.
  • Tailor your video to different platforms. Post a shorter video to Instagram and a longer video on your website, for example.

Take Action

Video Stats You Should Know
Let viewers know what to do next with a CTA

Think about this statement: For KISSmetrics, a CTA within a video gets 380% more clicks than their normal sidebar CTAs. A CTA is a vital part of a video, as shown by this video stat. It lets the viewer know what to do next. In other words, it tells them how to buy your product, learn more information about your business, or otherwise keep the conversation going. There are a number of different options for video CTAs so pick one and make it part of your video.

Make Video Part of Your Marketing Plan

Think about video and how it applies to your life and your business. When was the last time you watched a video as a prelude to a purchase? Did you watch that video on your phone? Are your competitors using video? The answers to these questions are likely more support showing how important video is in today’s online landscape. Make sure your business is reaching potential customers. Call us today for a free quote.

This post was originally published in 2011 and has been updated to reflect current stats.

Sarah Churman’s Hearing Goes Viral

Sarah Churman hearing aid

It’s been almost eight years since the world witnessed Sarah Churman hearing herself for the first time. The video capturing this emotional moment has been viewed nearly 28 million times—truly a viral video! Churman was the recipient of an Esteem hearing implant, which replaced three tiny ears bones and relays sound vibrations from the eardrum to the cochlea. Even if you saw this video back in 2011, it’s worth watching again.

The Impact of Emotional Video

Did Sarah Churman’s video have a lasting impact? Yes! Videos that connect with viewers emotionally have staying power. Not only does the video continue to get views, but the popularity of Churman’s video also affected her personally. When she received her second ear activation, a number of cameras and a news crew were in attendance. Churman even went on to write about her experience in Powered On. She even started her own blog that included corporate ads. Not surprisingly, hearing aid company Invisiblehearingaid.com jumped at the chance to advertise their products on Churman’s blog. The reach of Sarah Churman’s video continued to extend.

Sarah Churman Promotional Force

What about the Esteem hearing implant? Did this affect their reputation? It sure did! Both Esteem and the supplier Envoy Medical got a huge publicity boost when Churman’s video went viral. All of a sudden, implanted hearing aids and cochlear implants were something the public knew about. In this instance, video is used to explain the Esteem and how it works.

More Videos Like Sarah Churman’s

In the wake of Sarah Churman’s life-changing experience came an entire wave of videos that let the viewer share the experience of people hearing for the first time. Especially popular are the videos of babies and their parents. Once again, the emotion captured and conveyed by video is inspiring people to watch, like, and share.

Viral Videos are Emotional

One of the common elements in viral videos is emotion. Sarah Churman’s video had a ripple effect that impacted more than just Churman. It brought a new awareness to the hearing impaired and a new focus on hearing health. The video acted as a promotional tool for the Esteem implant and Envoy Medical. All of this led to a surge in similar videos being shared. That’s the power of video. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use emotion in a video that promotes your product or service, call us today for a free quote.


This post has been updated since originally published in 2011.