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When it comes to conceptualizing corporate video, one leading question is how creative the final product should be.

How far are companies willing to go in order to reach target audiences? And on the service end, how much creative freedom are they willing to give to corporate video production companies such as ourselves?

How Creative Should Your Corporate Video Concept Be?
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Over the years, we’ve come to realize just how creative corporate videos can really be. Typically when we’re approached with a potential new project, we’re often asked to drum up scenarios for online social media video campaigns or TV spots. This requires not only technical precision and skill (aka the real production side of things) but also forces us to look within ourselves to not only find our inner creativity but also to identify where our clients are coming from. Aside from setting a production timeline, budget, and equipment, we first focus on the goal, aesthetic, tone and message. Some questions worth asking are: what is the overall message you (the client) would like to send? How open is the client to artistic or creative ideas for their campaign? Who is their target audience? These are all valid questions that we, the production company, must ask before setting out to do any project.

Business2Community put out a fantastic listicle of corporate brands who’ve taken creative risks to create daring, but memorable, corporate video. One thing we’ve realized is that corporate video production companies are visual storytellers. With visuals and audio, we are conduits of your corporate culture and climate surrounding your brand. We are brand shapers and risk takers. We don’t think outside the box – we create like there is none for as much as our clients will allow.

For older companies with simple, straight-forward messages, we work with them every single step of the way to ensure that their brand is translated onscreen and will speak to their audiences. For start-up or younger companies, we focus on building relationships necessary to help and establish a strong, loyal audience through visual content. Depending on the type of clientele we deal with, we ensure that our creativity services their needs.

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