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Why Creative Corporate Video Is Now More Important Than Ever

We’re living in an age where creative visual bodies of work are more important than ever.

The state of the art and marketing worlds are now merging, making strong, creative messages all the more important.

Take for example this brilliant corporate video ad for Nike Women. FKA Twigs, an avant-garde artist, dancer, and singer, was just made creative director for their marketing campaign:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the state of the art world needs fostering. Companies and ad agencies alike are leaning towards more creative bodies of work (be they corporate or artistic) for their marketing campaigns.

What Nike did hear was use a niche artist tap into an otherwise unreachable underground audience in order to better market their product.

This isn’t the first time a corporation has done this. Consider Janelle Monae, another then-underground artist. With her specific funky style, uniformed attire, and coiffed afro hair, Monae at one point was the face of Covergirl in an appeal for all women to use their product.

Companies have begun to get creative with their campaigns by using advocates of different communities, fanbases, and audiences.

Why Creative Corporate Video Is Now More Important Than Ever
Photo credit: ophelie.poirier via / CC BY-NC-SA

We’re also in an age where high-concept content is king. The more intricate the plot, the more detailed the design, and the more emotional the performance, the more invested we, as consumers, are. In film, television, video games, and graphic novels, we’re seeing higher levels of curated content for audiences.

It would only make sense that corporate video did the same.

Corporate video productions are not only shooting in higher resolutions; we’re telling stories. We’re using better technology to add sound or visual landscapes to our content. We’re using the resources we now have available to us to shape narratives. We’re finding unconventional ways to reach people.

The state of creative marketing needs it. We crave honest and authentic interactions. We want to be spoken to, not at. We want to be reaffirmed that we’re making the right decision in purchasing in a product or investing in a particular service, not made to feel like we don’t know what we’re doing. We want to be encouraged.

Creative videos, much like art, are meant to subvert norms, challenge mindsets, and destabilize notions that we hold dear. Corporate video campaigns are not exempt from this. Their primary focus should be to challenge why we aren’t using their specific product or service.

Here at Key West Video, we work with our clients to create truly innovative video campaigns that challenge viewers to think beyond the brand. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today.

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