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Why We Value Customer Service

At Keywest we believe that customer service is the root of a successful company. That is why we are focused on providing our clients with exceptional service at every stage of production.

We make sure our clients feel like they are being taken care of right from the initial interaction. When we receive a phone call, email, or online request for quote we ensure that those individuals are contacted within 24 hours of their initial request. More often then not though, those individuals are contacted immediately following their initial contact, or in the case of a phone conversation, once we have spoken to that person we send them a quote shortly thereafter. In this way, we ensure that our potential clients know how much we value them and appreciate their business.

Another way we ensure excellent customer service is through our ability to listen, comprehend, and find solutions to a range of issues that clients face. Our role in every production we work on is to bring clients vision to life. But if they need assistance in figuring out what that creative direction is, we always provide our best efforts to ensure that the end goal of the video is being met, and that it provides an appropriate return on their investment.

The production industry is not static by any means. Working on a production there are various elements which can adapt and change at any time. For example, here at Keywest we have had various instances where we need to think on our feet and be receptive to the situation around us. If suddenly the client realizes on the day of the shoot that they need to film a completely new intro to the video and it needs to be scripted ASAP, we will, and have, done that for them. If suddenly their friend who was going to be in the video is unavailable, we will hold a last minute casting session and call every actor we know to fill in. We do this because we want our productions to succeed, but more importantly because we would do anything for our clients.

We believe that customer service is a key element in the production industry, and is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. When you hire Keywest Video for your production you can rest assured that all stages of the production will be handled with the utmost care and great service will be given every step of the way.

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