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The Last Stage of the Production Process: Deliveries

The video production process can be a long one. From post-production to delivering your final product, Key West Video ensures that we’ve got your back every step of the way. The most exciting part of this whole process is when you finally get a hold of the final product. Though this step may seem simple, it does require some thought.

Keywest Video is a trusted source for video production for a wide variety of corporate clients. This video details the deliveries process and different formats our clients utilize for their final videos.

Deliveries are the last part of the video production process. This is when we package your video and send it to you to post wherever you’d like! We can format the video in whatever form you’d like but typically we provide you a digital link that will allow you to download the video. The links can be shared to your internal and external team members for reviews as well!

Do you prefer DVD, Blu-Ray, Hard Drive or USB? We can provide those options as well. Once we give you the final video we’ll make sure we back up all your footage and finals. If you need to tweak the video sometime down the line you can count on us to keep the files secure.

If you have footage that you’d like to access and revamp, let us know and we’d be happy to help you with that! Speak with a team member at Key West Video and we can ensure that we meet your video production needs.

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