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Does Your Company Need A Corporate Destination Video?

Destination videos are great opportunities to showcase a business overseas.

And who doesn’t love a good destination video?

They often give viewers insight into a new travel destination. More often than not, destination videos are corporate videos for travel agencies or flight companies.

They serve to explore the unexplorable. Their goal is to show you an untouched side of nature you haven’t already seen. Often, they highlight top man-made tourist spots as well as nature’s hidden gems. Sometimes they showcase popular attractions and resorts.

Does Your Company Need A Corporate Destination Video?
Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn via / CC BY

For companies who don’t have much to do with travel or tourism, destination videos might feel like a bit of a luxury. After all, what can Cancun have to do with children’s toys or skincare?

Well, like most flexible corporate videos, destination videos are no different. Even for automotive companies who advertise tires or superior windshields use destinations in their videos. By taking their product through the muck and rough terrain, we, the audience, get to see the product in action. The actual location is often unknown, nor does it matter. We’re seeing the product in an all-new atmosphere.

By putting a product into a new visual element, we’re experiencing it in an all new way. By default, the product itself becomes more attractive. We are able to “visualize” ourselves in that atmosphere and are more inclined to purchase the product.

Marketing gurus have been using this tactic for years. It’s why we place women on random beaches for Venus razor commercials. They play into our desire to escape monotony and routine. They feed our need for rest and relaxation. They entice us with exciting new experiences and activities that we wouldn’t otherwise get to have.

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