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“Because it’s 2015.”

-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response when asked why gender balance in his cabinet was important.

Values and demographics have shifted a lot in the last ten years. Today’s economy is global and features a diverse workforce. When it comes to corporate video, it’s important to reflect that trend. Before moving ahead with this blog, we ‘re going to say that diversity is important for the sake of diversity—that’s understood. What we’ll cover here has more to do with why you may want to make it a component of your corporate video.


If you’re creating a branding video, show the diversity of your workplace. Diverse companies are seen as progressive, inclusive, modern, socially aware, flexible and creative. You want your video to positively represent your company and its values, so include the many contributors to success. There are so many benefits to a diverse workplace, why not capitalize on the fact that you offer diverse talents, skills and experiences?


Diversity in your recruiting video attracts more talent

When you’re looking to attract new talent, a video showing diversity gets attention. You want a potential employee to see themselves reflected in the production and imagine having a place in your company. Showing a wide variety of workers helps people identify with your business and it hints at a shop that’s respectful and promotes understanding of others within its ranks.

Showing Diversity

Diversity is easy to include with animation

The most obvious way to include diversity in your video is to show it. If you’re using interviews, try not to over-represent any one faction of your workforce. Should you choose to use animation, the animator can easily populate the video with whomever you like. There are certain elements that all good videos have in common, and then there are some that miss the mark. This Samsung diversity rap video was an odd attempt at being inclusive.

Time for an Update?

If your existing corporate video is looking a little homogenous, we can help with that. Call Key West Video today for a free quote on your new and diverse video.

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