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What Corporate Videos Can Learn From Documentaries

Documentaries give us the real story.

Documentaries tell us the inside scoop, depending on the subject.

Often unpredictable, we get a solid sense of a topic/subject, person or thing that we otherwise wouldn’t have had that documentarian not dug deep for the truth.

Documentaries often explore both sides to a story in order to create a balanced piece. Docs let the audience make the decisions for themselves.

Corporate video operates similarly. Though the goal of corporate video is often to persuade an audience into action (i.e. purchasing something), it should never feel like they’re being led. Instead, a good corporate video pleads a case. It shows you all the reasons why you should cleave to a particular brand or product either by demonstration, information, or appeal.

Like documentary, a corporate video should present all important sides so a viewer can make an informed decision.

What Corporate Videos Can Learn From Documentaries
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Here are some valuable lessons learned from doc:


As previously mentioned, a balanced corporate video is essential. Good docs do their best to balance information in a way that educates an audience while allowing them to make their own informed decisions. It’s the job of a documentarian to be neutral. In corporate video marketing, it can also depend on your audience. While some brands are able to get away with targeted marketing against the competition, other brand’s audience expect a more neutral approach. It’s best to know your brand through and through in order to decide just how balanced you can be.


With that being said, the information in your corporate video should be as truthful and easy to digest as possible. Like a doc, an audience is entrusting you to convey accurate information. Your responsibility is to do so an in an engaging way.

Emotional Appeal

By balancing information, it’s important that you also include some sort of moral appeal. A good doc or corporate video is able to engage its audience intellectually and emotionally. It’s the things that touch you that you remember most.

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