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Due to the current pandemic, a lot of us have been working from home. By now, you’ve probably cleared out a dedicated home office, or you’re working from your bed. We figured we should help those of you looking for ideas to make your space a comfortable yet productive one.

While writing this post, we did find that the makings of a productive home office also include having the makings of a good video.


You’ve set out to set up your home office, and you’re seeking the best location. One of the tips researchers recommend is making sure that you don’t work where you sleep. Our brains associate the bedroom with sleep/rest, so when we put our workspace in the same area, we might not be as productive as we like.

In video production, location plays a big part in the production. Depending on the format of the video, the setting is what we introduce first.

The Colour of Your Home Office

Colour plays a significant role in our moods, just like how it does in video. In video, colour grading a video to make the colours brighter generally evokes a happier tone than a cooler, low contrast video.

For example, for your office space, yellow often stimulates creativity, and cool blue can create a more inviting space. You can read about different colours and their effects on space here.

Lighting in Your Home Office

If you speak to our DOP, he’ll tell you that lighting is everything for video production. Light in itself can tell a story and influence a viewer’s perception of the scene.

In your office, lighting is also crucial. We’re huge fans of natural light, and nothing can be the effect that natural lighting has on your mood. If you don’t have windows in your space, you’re going to want to find a light that can simulate daylight as best as possible, so it’s easy on your eyes and great for your mood.

The Extras

In our opinion, this is the best part. In video production, add – ons like props and actors round out a production and allow for so much creativity.

This principle can be applied to your workspace as well. Bring in your Knick Knacks and set it around your desk in a way that boosts your mood. If you love having greenery around, you may find your favourite indoor plants add to the space. Do you like having happy memories around you? Why not make a photo wall! The possibilities are endless, and the best part is that it’s all up to you.

These extras also include things like a really comfortable chair, ample storage, and cable management accessories.

How strange but also amazing how video production and home office design can have a lot in common. Do you want to share your home office pictures with us? Tag @keywestvideo on Instagram or @keywest_video on Twitter!

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