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Why YouTube And Vimeo's Emmy Awards Are Important

History was made at this year’s Emmy Awards when it decided to recognize and include digital content among its awards.

The Emmy Awards have a long tradition of awarding great television. For over 60 years, they’ve made it their duty to hunt down the best in premium content.

This year, the Emmy’s expanded its categories to include the short-form series, spanning over multiple digital streaming platforms.

The following categories (as seen on are listed below:

  • Outstanding Short-Form Series – Comedy or Drama
  • Outstanding Short-Form Series – Variety
  • Outstanding Short-Form Series – Reality/Non-Fiction
  • Outstanding Actor in a Short-Form Series – Comedy or Drama
  • Outstanding Actress in a Short-Form Series – Comedy or Drama

Among those will most likely include wins from digital streaming platforms such as YouTube Red, Vimeo, Crackle, AOL and much more. YouTube and Crackle quickly snatched up three nominations this week – a monumental feat in light of this new precedent.

Why YouTube And Vimeo's Emmy Awards Are Important

Among YouTube’s nominations was HerStory and Honest Trailers feat. Deadpool.

Crackle, a division of Sony Pictures Television, also got a nod from the Emmy’s for its work on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (2012).

And now that these platforms are gaining mainstream recognition, what does this say about the awards show?

Well, it gives emerging, existing networks and distribution platforms the opportunity to have a seat at the table. This year’s Emmy changes mark the shift that mainstream television is experiencing. More and more people are viewing their content digitally, and it would only make sense that this means better online content curated based on public interest. In a world where newer and better content always pushes creative limits, it would almost be a lost opportunity NOT to recognize these platforms’ content.

It also means that these platforms have now been ordained into the mainstream world. The question then becomes: will their content change? Now these online communities are taking home esteemed statuettes. But will the academy have a say in the type of content created?

Judging by the consistency in previously Emmy-nominated shows (such as House of Cards, for example), it’s easy to say no. If anything, this will probably boost viewership and have viewers flocking to these forums for their now-officiated premium content.

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