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Are Emojis A Good Idea For Your Corporate Video?

Emojis have been a part of our technologically-advanced world for the past few decades.

But, despite their inception, emojis didn’t come to dominate our North American society until just recently.

Are Emojis A Good Idea For Your Corporate Video?
Photo credit: Thomas James Caldwell via / CC BY-ND

With a wide range of emotions from “meh” to extreme happiness, anger, or sadness, emojis tell the visual stories we can’t with words. Emojis, otherwise known as “smileys”, are like emoticons. They include various facial expressions and include different objects, places, weather, animals, and more.

Just recently, Sony announced it was creating ‘The Emoji Movie’, a film about a “meh” emoji who has too many feelings.  He is banished to the part of the phone where others like him are hardly used. In adventure style (or app-venture style), his other emoji friends must rescue him and save the day.

It’s a cool concept, considering it features apps we use every day.

But it leads one to ask: just how important are these little emotive icons in our everyday lives? And more importantly, can they be used in our own content?

When it comes to corporate video, emojis can be a great and fun way to send a message across. If it’s an emotional piece, they can really drive home the emotional intent of a corporate video by adding their own extra layer.  Depending on your audience demographic, they can be a great way to connect with your viewers who use this technology every single day.

These fun little smileys are easily recognizable. They’ve become intrinsic in the way we communicate and important to our culture. In fact, they’ve become so essential that words can switch meaning with the right emoji. Sometimes, we needn’t use words at all!

With corporate video that uses illusive imagery or mysterious audio for an implied message (or is just downright comedic), emojis are a great addition.

At Key West Video, we’re constantly looking for new and exciting ways to tell stories. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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