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Online video has become part of daily life. Scrolling through social media, it’s there. Your inbox probably has at least one video link sent by a friend. When it’s time for a DIY project around the house, YouTube has a slew of experts ready to help. When we’re being bombarded with so much video, what stands out? And how engaged are online viewers?

Are viewers paying attention to online video?

crowd of cartoon viewers in five rows
Video viewers are more likely to seek out a store with the product they saw.

Yes! Not only are people paying attention to video, but they’re also seeking it out to help them make purchase decisions. Someone who watches a product video is 64% more likely to buy after taking the time to view. Watching that video can even compel viewers to seek out a brick-and-mortar store offering the product they saw. Video is answering questions and bringing consumers closer to pulling the trigger on that purchase.

Stay and Play or Click Away

The bad news is that 20% of viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds of hitting play. The good news is, we can tell you the reasons they keep watching. Make sure you grab viewer attention immediately by engaging with them.

People watch online videos for entertainment, information, inspiration, and connection. Understanding your TM means you can address at least one of these reasons at the top of your video to keep them watching. Think about the issue your product or service solves and get to the point: Magic cleaning solution removes 95% of all household stains. Now you have their attention and they want to know more. Cut through information saturation by knowing your TM and speaking to them. Be specific and your audience will find you.

Connecting with the Viewer

We’ve already told you that you only have a matter of seconds to convince a viewer to watch your video. Maybe that makes you think you’d be better off sticking to text? While text is still an important part of marketing, we also know that video actually does a better job of sticking with consumers. That’s because visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text and stored longer than the same printed information. Here’s some science to help convince you why online video connects with viewers:

The brain processes visuals and emotions in the same area, which means we are hard-wired to react emotionally to video. Video is an immersive experience that brings products and services to life, helping the viewer envision using your product or service. Did you know that 65% of people are considered visual learners? So give viewers what they understand and reflect the TM in your video.

Video Saturation in Canada

sales funnel
Video can lead viewers down the sales funnel

As Canadians, we spend a lot of time surfing the internet and watching videos.  Most of us are online 3-4 hours every day. Even the coveted baby boomer consumer demographic has increased their mobile surfing time more than 30% in the last four years. That’s good news for online marketers in Canada. A whopping 64% of us prefer making an online purchase from a Northern retailer, keeping the business at home. When you consider that 50% of citizens are spending their online time shopping and 87% of internet users have made an online purchase in the last year, it’s clear that your business needs a strong online presence. A vivid, concise video can educate as it entertains, answering consumer questions and increasing sales.

Embracing Video for Business

Viewing online video is part of modern life. As a business, video should be part of your overall marketing plan because people are watching. Hook an audience with a video that promises to solve a problem, then keep them watching with the product and service details that compel action. Lead viewers down the sales funnel to conversion with video.

This blog was originally published in 2012 and has been updated to reflect current information.

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