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The Value Of A Strong EPK For Your Music Video Production

A good EPK (electronic press kit) includes all the essentials needed for the promotion of a band or individual artist.

And a good EPK also means a strong marketing strategy.

The Value Of A Strong EPK For Your Music Video Production
Photo credit: VilleHoo via / CC BY-SA

It consists of a traditional promo package in digital form and typically exist on the band or musician’s site.

With it comes everything media, blogs, or publishing platforms (aka press) would need to know: biographies, tour dates, press photos/videos, social media, and any other marketing information that the press or public may want access to.

The bio/discography typically includes the band or artist’s humble beginnings, inspirations/influences, and description of their style, genre, or sound. A discography is meant to highlight the past music that the band or artist has made in the past.

Upcoming tour dates announce where and when the artist or band will be appearing next. This should be updated and maintained so fans and press can know exactly where the artist will be performing. After all, what are musicians without their fans?

Music samples are another component that is essential to the EPK. Sometimes compromising of a reel with music snippets/previews (as seen with many artists on SoundCloud) or completed streamable tracks for fans, clients, promoters, venues, and production companies (like us).

This is a no-brainer, but photos and videos are other musts. Unless your goal is anonymity, fans want to see who the artist is behind the scenes; what they look like, how they act, how they sound live, and what the vibe of their performances are like. They want to connect with the artistry more than anything. Pictures can include shoots and headshots, but some of the best photos are candids taken at live performances and onstage. Naturally, video is also a major component in conveying who an artist/band really is. Music videos, live performance shows, appearances, or behind-the-scenes footage gives fans incomparable insight and, if done well, is just darn cool.

Here at Key West Video, we’ve done a bunch of music videos in the past. Video production should be fun, and what better way to explore that than through the music industry? We even help artists with their EPK for marketing after the fact! For more information on the specialty services we provide, visit our website today!

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