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Event Videos

Recording an event video is a smart choice for many business owners. The footage can be used for a number of purposes, including analysis, marketing, and training. Before you plan your next seminar, workshop, conference or convention, here are some reasons to hit record on the big day.

Event Video Crew

Yes, you can record the event yourself. But at the risk of sounding self-serving, we suggest hiring a professional to ensure you end up with the proper footage. Along those lines, make sure you give the crew access to your space before the event takes place. The outfit shooting for you will want to show up early the day of, but it’s also helpful for them to get a look at the space ahead of time. That gives them a chance to figure out the best way to capture the action and make sure all their technical needs are met.


Reviewing an event video is a great way to analyze what you did well and what you can do better. Watching a video of a speech or presentation is a very different experience than being in the spotlight. The distance can really help you focus and tighten a talk better than any other tool.

Use the footage for promotional purposes. Choosing the best parts and most important information can lead to a highlight reel. Not many people will sit through a forty-five-minute video, but a two-minute summary is easy viewing. Put this short-form video on your website to promote your product or service.

event video
An event video can be used for training

An event recording can be used to reach people who didn’t attend in person. Companies turn to videos such as this for training purposes. It’s also useful when reaching out to a segment of the company that works in remote locations.

Internal or External?

event video
Ask yourself how a video will be used prior to recording

When you’re thinking about recording your event, ask yourself why. Where and how will the video be used? Who will be watching it? Will it be internal- or external-facing? All of this information will be important to discuss with your video crew during event preparation.

Event Video Coverage

Key West Video has shot a lot of events over twenty-nine years working in corporate video. Give us a call today to talk about how we can help you get the most out of your event video.

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