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Event videos are something we’re often asked to shoot for clients. Typically, the purpose is to create a highlight reel or a promotional piece. Earlier this month, we shot the CanFitPro World Fitness Expo in Toronto. This event is North America’s largest fitness conference and trade show and was celebrating its 25year anniversary. Our job was to create something to show off the five-day event at the closing ceremony.


Before the convention began in earnest, there were two days of set up. Our shooter was on hand to capture all the work that went into getting ready for the crowds. He also shot exteriors of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where the event was held. Timelapse footage helped to illustrate the scope of the meeting, which included more than 180 exhibitors.

High-Intensity Workout

We used a transition to move from the set up stage to the floor full of attendees. After a quick look at some of the booths, we hear our first testimonial. Derek Hough was shot in an informal stand-up, talking about why he was at the expo and the overall atmosphere. We also heard from Billy Blanks, Vikram Vij and a variety of other trainers and fitness experts in both formal and informal settings. These interviews were scattered throughout the video as the only audio other than upbeat, energetic music.

Our shooter gathered a lot of b-roll in such a busy space. There were classes, demonstrations, competitions and presentations. We shot people roaming around booths, shopping for products and interacting. There was plenty of equipment and fitness-related branding to take in, too.

Cool Down

The video wrapped up with more shots from across the five days of the expo. In a highlight reel, you want to show a little bit of everything. It’s fun for the audience to recognize a class or session they attended or see themselves in action. Montages work well when you’re trying to cover a lot of material in a brief amount of time. The video ends with a closing card containing event information.

Onto the Next Event

Key West Video has created event videos that range from fundraisers to fitness expos. These compilations are a great way to commemorate an event and let the public know about your organization. If you have an affair coming up that you’d like to turn into a video, give us a call today for a free quote.

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