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Why You Should Consider Experimental Corporate Videos

Experimental videos, be they for film, documentary or corporate video, are becoming increasingly popular.

Experimental videos, often attributed to video art, film, and documentaries, are typically an avant-garde way of creating video content. For filmmakers, it’s an unusual approach to cinema that reimagines cinematic techniques and breaks the rules when it comes to conventional visual narratives.

Why You Should Consider Experimental Corporate Videos
Photo credit: *katz via / CC BY-NC

With the arts, these sorts of videos are often intertwined with other art forms such as painting, dance, literature and poetry, bridging the gap between these disciplines.

Usually, these films are left to emerging filmmakers and artists who may or may not have a background in film. Considered “amateurs”, their content is typically made on a minuscule budget and limited crew.

With documentaries, the process is also the same. Where experimental films typically lack narrative, documentaries blur the lines between what is real and what isn’t by offering us an unconventional way of exploring the truth. They throw out our notions of what balanced, informative documentaries should look like (goodbye, Michael Moore). Whether it’s the content of the actual documentary or the choice of shots, these sorts of documentaries almost always break the mold.

But with experimental corporate video, it’s tough deciphering what can be included. Of course, you want your company to understand your brand, values, and what your product or service is. Most corporate companies lean on all too familiar narratives to get their message out.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

Experimental corporate video can mean showing seemingly abstract shots of things that relate to your brand without explicitly stating what that is. Depending on what kind of company you are (as well as your previous marketing history and traction), you might be able to get away with the less-obvious. Strong imagery littered with subtle messages can add to your company’s overall aesthetic, tone, and feel when being viewed by a potential customer. Jarring, unsettling, or contrasting audio/music can also set the tone of a corporate video. For more artsy companies (such as graphic design, interior design, video production, ad agencies etc.), experimental corporate videos give insight into the specific brand, furthering an artistic mandate.

At Key West Video, we work with all sorts of creative (and non-creative) brands to help hone their company’s message through visuals. For more information on the services we provide, visit our website today!

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