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Why Explainer Corporate Videos Are So Important

At some point, every company needs an explainer video.

And the right explainer video should be strong enough to last for a very, very long time.

An explainer video, well, explains what your product or service is about. Companies use them to help customers gain a better understanding of what their product is or does.

A good explainer video shows the ins and outs of a product/service. If you’re a wholesale facility that produces in the masses, a video shows the viewer the behind-the-scenes of how things get made. It might show machinery used to manufacture large quantities of product. It could even describe how things are stored, packaged, or shipped.

Why Explainer Corporate Videos Are So Important
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It’s an age-old visual medium that’s been used for decades. They’ve also been used in-house to help educate employees in varying departments. It’s a way to unite and promote company culture and values while educating them.

These videos tend to range. They can be used to explain how product/services are used, serve as a memo from a CEO, or provide context for a recent event. They’re also often geared towards the market at-large.

We always say it’s important to know who your audience is. With these videos, it’s imperative to know who you’re addressing. After all, the general public might have difficulty understanding company-specific terminology. If this was an employee address, you can rest assure that your video can include basic workplace terminology, allowing you to dig deeper into more complex subject matter.

These videos are essential for the advancement of your brand. How can you expect to thrive if your internal or external audience isn’t up-to-date with company changes? Employees should be the first ones aware of any changes that may apply to their jobs. Consumers should also be aware of how to utilize the products or services from brands they buy from.

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in creating all types of corporate content from the top down (and back up). For more information on the specific services we offer, visit our website today!

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