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An explainer video is an excellent way to convey information about a product, service, or brand. It does exactly what the name implies: it explains the ins and outs of corporations using video tools such as corporate video, animation, and behind-the-scenes footage. Still unclear? Allow us to explain. 

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A business shouldn’t be hard to understand

Explainer Videos Simplify

Explainers videos are used to explain ideas, procedures, or even products that may be difficult to describe. They’re a great way to make these hard-to-grasp concepts easier to understand. Making these videos engaging means the audience learns about a product or service in a memorable way. Some explainers are live-action, but many are animated. That’s because animation is a really useful format when it comes to breaking down complex topics. And it’s also a useful way to illustrate metaphors.

Animation is a visually pleasing way to explain the corporate climate of a company. It can be used to delve into the specifics of a training or instructional video. Animation can also explain the intricacies of how certain products are made. Recently, we animated an explainer video for Design Docs. It explored the many hats company leaders are often required to wear:

Speak Up for Explainers

Most animated explainers include a voice-over. When this is the case, the voice actor can really add to the viewer’s experience. The visuals and concept of the animation dictate the tone of the voice-over. From casual and breezy to serious, the voice can emphasize the most important aspects that need to be explained. Infographic explainer videos are also great for this as they explanations often directly follow the flow of the illustrations.

Problem Solved!

Do you have a difficult-to-understand product or service? Key West Video can work with you to create an explainer that helps your customers understand your business and how it can help them with their problem. Call us today for a free quote.

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