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Facebook Introduces New Business Video Tool

Facebook has added yet another feature to cater to its small business market.

Facebook’s newest tool, Your Business Story, allows small companies to create their own marketing videos. Through this feature, small business owners can virtually introduce themselves.

Though not a full-on short video, it serves more as a photo slide show accompanied by music and the option to add a short description.

It’s an interesting combat to Google’s photo and video editing features (not to mention YouTube).

What’s important to note is that Facebook already serves as an online social media hub for most online interactions, making it an ideal place to create and share content. This serves as competition to subdivisions of Google (aka YouTube) who also service photos in slide show format with music.

Facebook Introduces A New Business Video Tool For Users
Photo credit: Sarah.Marshall via / CC BY

And apparently, it’s successful. According to Dan Levy, Facebook’s VP for small businesses, more than 1.5 million small businesses are uploading videos on Facebook each month.

A lot of it has to do with Facebook’s ‘autoplay’ feature, which plays content automatically as a viewer scrolls down his or her news feed. But a second feature, and probably worth paying more attention to is its prioritization of videos in the first place.

Not only are top commented photos showing up high on our news feeds – we’re now getting a mix of highly viewed video as well.

However, a new feature in a competitive marketplace doesn’t come without its own set of criticism. YouTube Bloggers have denounced the feature, arguing that, due to its auto-play feature, Facebook has a lower standard for what actually is a genuine ‘view’. Facebook considers anything over 3 seconds a legitimate ‘view’. This is comparable to YouTube, which requires a viewer to watch the video for at least 30 seconds.

Nevertheless, it continues to rack up its viewership.

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