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Are There Benefits To Making A Fake Corporate Video?

Fake corporate videos can be a lot of fun.

In fact, fake corporate videos garner a significant amount of attention to your brand.

Usually, they are outlandish enough to catch the attention of your audience immediately. Operating similarly to clickbait videos, they often have an enticing thumbnail image or caption. Sometimes, the leading image has nothing to do with the actual content in the video.

Are There Benefits To Making A Fake Corporate Video?
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But why?

Like many other types of faux-content videos, they often come with a statement. Clickbait videos, parody videos, and yes, even PSAs, all have one intention: to send a strong message. How they differ, however, is in their delivery. While clickbait entices users, parody pokes fun at things we hold dear (or taboo). PSAs are more direct, sending specific messages to their audiences through compelling visuals and voiceovers.

But fake videos, on the other hand, are made for a myriad of reasons.

Often interchangeable with parody, they mock popular ideas. They capitalize on trending topics and issues and are great ways to show audiences how engaged a brand is with popular culture. Keeping in tune with media is necessary for many brands to stay relevant, and fake corporate videos can do just that.

Sometimes fake videos are also made just for the sake of being fun. They show off your company’s personality and appeal to a broader audience. They allow you to say things you might not otherwise say, or make certain implications. Since they’re not “real”, they’re off-limits. It’s a win-win.

It’s a win-win.

It’s important to remember disclaimers with this type of video. Unless it is glaringly obvious your video isn’t real, it’s probably a good idea to indicate so. Otherwise, you run the risk of audiences assuming your corporate ad is real.

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