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What Does Fake News Have To Do With Corporate Video?

2017 is almost over. We should all be familiar with the term ‘fake news’ by now.

Fake news is exactly what it sounds like; fake journalism/propaganda used to spread misinformation.

And despite claims by the current leader of the free world, fake news did not originate with him.

We’ve seen that term loosely applied all over the internet from Facebook’s unruly articles to fake YouTube videos.

But fake news can be a blessing in disguise.

How, you ask?

Well, fake news is proof that people are paying attention.

What Does Fake News Have To Do With Corporate Video?
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If it does anything, it caters directly to an audience. It’s able to pique their interest. That’s why it’s so shareable. It’s exactly what they want to hear.

One thing corporate video can learn from fabricated news is how it targets its viewers. We don’t mean going out there and lying to your customers. Nor do we mean openly sabotaging and slandering other creative marketing campaigns. What we do mean is using the same methods this news uses in order to infiltrate your core audience.

One thing we’ve noticed about this type of news is its sensationalism. It’s almost too good (or bad) to be true. In fact, it’s its ridiculousness that puts it in such wide circulation. This can be applied to corporate video. Corporate video doesn’t need to be by-the-book, on-the-nose marketing. It can be fun and exciting and make a grand appeal to what people are talking about.

One thing about following the fabricated news scheme is that there’s huge potential to grow your following base. By creating highly entertaining, memorable video, you make it harder for your audience to forget you. It’s also an opportunity to start a bigger conversation about issues in the world.

What approaches can your company take based on how fake news is spread?

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